Pocheon, Republic of Korea – International Cities of Peace


A post by Fred Arment on the facebook page of International Cities of Peace.

Question for this article:

Can Korea be reunified in peace?

How can culture of peace be developed at the municipal level?
Great News! The first City of Peace on the Korean peninsula was established today [February 5] near the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Pocheon. A major celebration was held at City Hall where Mayor Park signed a Proclamation as a crowd of media, dignitaries, and over 100 citizens packed the hall. The Mayor spoke of the City re-envisioning Pocheon as travel destination, a prosperous economic area, and a culture and arts center. I was humbled to speak at the Official Ceremony on the importance of Pocheon as a leading force in making the dream of Reunification of South and North Korea come true in order to benefit citizens of both countries. No doubt, “Citycraft” is at work in this historic peace building effort and progress has already been made. Please congratulate the citizens of Pocheon!