Côte d’Ivoire: For peaceful elections in 2020, three Ivorian artists will walk from Abidjan to Korhogo


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The citizen movement of artists called “The Peace Walkers” announced Tuesday, January 28, 2020, at the Maison de la presse in Abidjan-Plateau, the project “700 km of sporting march by Ivorian artists for peaceful elections in Côte d’Ivoire ”. On March 9, three artists, Famian Jay’rico, president of the NGO Côte d’Ivoire la belle, Boklay le Bobognard, leader of “actions caritatives’’” and Paul Mady’s, member of the UNESCO chair, will leave from Abidjan, on foot, from the district hotel, in the Plateau, to Korhogo where their journey should end at the town hall, on April 09, 2020. their slogan: “Yes to my voice, no to my life.”

The citizen movement of artists called ’The Peace Walkers’ in action for non-violent elections in 2020 (photo: AC)

“This march is a contribution to the prevention of electoral violence and promotion of the culture of peace for peaceful elections”, explained Atsé Christian, the project leader.

“On the threshold of this year 2020, the year of the presidential elections where the populations remain already frightened by the specter of a possible crisis … maintained by speeches marked by verbal violence and other aggressive remarks made by politicians as well as certain media, we artists from the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, committed voluntarily and socially, have decided to make our contribution to building this fragile thing that is peace and social cohesion, through an initiative called: “700 km to prevent electoral violence, 700 km to promote a culture of peace and social cohesion, 700 km for peaceful elections in Côte d’Ivoire in 2020,” said Atsé.

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The singer songwriter Boklay le Bobognard explained that they are demonstrating through this march, a will for peace and peaceful elections. “We will give our bodies and our souls to get our message across,” he said. And he added: “The message that we want to send to the people and to all the political actors is that we have one country, one homeland. Do everything to preserve peace because without peace, there can be no concerts”.

Paul Mady’s stressed that this march must be considered as “a symbol because in 2002, the crisis started from the north of the Ivory Coast. So it’s as if we were to resume this same crisis in the south, to bring it out in the north. We don’t want to see this repeated,” he insisted.

Famian Jay’Rico Jay One noted that the march is “apolitical.” “We are addressing the Ivorian citizen, whoever he is, wherever he comes from. We decided to sacrifice ourselves physically for the Ivory Coast because we have to work together so that this country regains its identity,” he clarified.

The organizers of this walk have several objectives. Among other things, share with the population the concept of peaceful elections in view of the upcoming electoral deadlines, raise awareness among Ivorians and the authorities on the prevention of electoral violence, and advocate for inclusive elections. From Abidjan to Korhogo, the three artists and their staff will make stops in Yamoussoukro, Tiébissou, Djebonoua, Bouaké, Katiola, Tafiré and Ferkessedougou.