Peru: Electoral peace promoted in 4 native languages


An article from Los Andes

The National Election Jury (JNE) has initiated the “Choose a culture of peace” campaign as part of its actions to reinforce the prevention of electoral conflicts that could occur in the context of the Extraordinary Congressional Elections of January 26, 2020.

In this way, it seeks to promote among citizens, as well as in political and social organizations, the construction of a democracy based on the values ​​of respect, tolerance and dialogue, rejecting all types of violence during the electoral process.

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How should elections be organized in a true democracy?

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To this end, the Central of Operations of the Electoral Process (COPE) of the JNE will disseminate graphic and audiovisual material at a national level with contents on the approach to the culture of peace during the ongoing elections.

The messages will be disseminated, in addition to Spanish, in six native languages, thus benefiting members of the Aymara, Asháninka, Awajún, Quechua, Shipibo and Wampis communities.

With these actions, the JNE seeks to reinforce its work of prevention and management of situations of electoral conflict, through a sensitization crusade with an inclusive approach to the different cultures existing in the country.

This work seeks to guarantee not only respect for life, fundamental rights and freedoms, but also the exercise of popular will in a peaceful environment that allows the strengthening of democratic values ​​and respect for the rule of law.

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