Peace advances in Michoacán, Mexico: Fermín Bernabé


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Through a reform of the Law for a Culture of Peace and Prevention of Violence and Crime in Michoacán, Deputy Fermín Bernabé Bahena will concentrate his legislative action on a firm objective: to move towards the reconstruction of the social fabric of the community.

The legislator, who comes from Morena, has managed to reform the Law of Peace in Michoacán. He stressed that he will work to strengthen the bases of promotion of the culture of peace and coordination in the field of social prevention of violence and crime, in order to achieve and preserve peaceful and respectful coexistence among the Michoacán.

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Is there progress towards a culture of peace in Mexico?

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He said that the reform he proposes will include the family as a socio-cultural nucleus, through the application of actions that strengthen human values ​​and, in turn, condition an environment of healthy social development.

“We will promote comprehensive programs that promote the strengthening of human values ​​in families and society,” said the local deputy for District 10.

He added that education and awareness strategies will be set in motion for families and students of schools located in the region with the highest rates of violence in order to improve the quality of life of those who live there.

Fermín Bernabé concluded by pointing out that peace is the social value that motivated him to present a reform to the Law for a Culture of Peace and Prevention of Violence and Crime in Michoacán. As a member of the Legislative Power, he said:

“We are responsible for the progressive reform of the law and it is not a dream, but the rational and possible purpose of achieving a culture of peace through compliance with the rule of law and the strengthening of family values, the basis of the society; in order to build a society that is solid in values ​​”.

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