Solidarity across national borders, What are some good examples?

The nature of the state includes its defense of national borders. Hundreds of years ago, city-states defended themselves with fortifications and armed guards, but now the cities have open borders and it is only the state that limits the movement of people. Historically, it can be seen as one of the aspects of the culture of war.

In some cases, regional groups of states have pledged to respect a culture of peace in their relations. Here are examples from Southeast Asia in 2022 and from Latin America and the Caribbean in 2014.

Civil society organizations often work to reduce the barriers with those in neighboring states. Here are examples from Cyprus, Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic), Northern Europe (Norway and Russia), Central America (Guatemala and Belize) and the Great Lakes region of Africa, among others.

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2014: Proclamation of Latin America and Caribbean as a zone of peace, signed by the Heads of State and Governments of the Community of Latin American and Caribbeans States