Why was Morales ousted from Bolivia by a coup d’etat?

Presidents Correa (Ecuador), Morales (Bolivia) and Maduro (Venezuela)

One does not need to search far to find the reasons why the United States was behind the coup d’etat that ousted President Evo Morales from Bolivia. The reasons are contained in the articles cited below from CPNN over the past couple of years. As the articles show, Morales was an outspoken critic of American imperialism and an ardent advocate for disarmament, sustainable development and the well-being of the people of Bolivia, especially the poor and the indigenous.

As quoted in the article by Eric Zuesse: “Without a doubt, the coup d’état in Bolivia is part of the tradition of the old military coups sponsored by the United States since the end of World War II. However, this practice dates back even further, as the history books show us. That means that the soft coup that was applied against Manuel Zelaya in Honduras, Lugo in Paraguay and Dilma Rousseff in Brazil, has been abandoned and the old formulas have returned.”

The “old formula” is also evident in the continuing US attempts to promote a coup in Venezuela, as we have followed in CPNN: what is really happening in Venezuela?.

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