Young people from DRC and Rwanda demonstrate in Goma for peace in the sub-region


An article by Justin Kabumba from L’Interview

Several hundred young people from Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo marched on the streets this Thursday, October 3, 2019, in Goma capital of the province of North Kivu to support peace in the Great Lakes region.

LINTERVIEW.CD/Photo Justin Kabumba

Under the theme “Our Diversity, Our Opportunity” these sons and daughters came from the two neighboring countries, all dressed in white and blue. They came together to preach peace in the Great Lakes region and to challenge the leaders of the two countries that young people are ready to work for peace.

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“For a long time victims of wars, we take the option of celebrating peace. We are able to preach the culture of peace, because we believe that peace is built, that’s why we mobilize young people to say that we are ready for peace and we support peace,” said Guy Kibira, Provincial President of the youth of North Kivu.

These young people say they are hoping for the return of total peace to the DRC with the new regime.
“The new regime inspires confidence, that’s why we are here, so that they understand that we aspire to peace, we want to live in peace and in this peace that we will have partners who will invest in our region,” he adds.

A young person from Rwanda has the same reaction. He says he is satisfied with the initiative, which according to him would perpetuate the peace between these two countries.

“I came to the market with my Congolese brothers to show that we are the same, and that there are no problems between Rwanda and the DRC. We must live in a good peaceful cohabitation,” said a young man from Rwanda.

This march is part of the regional program “Transboundary Dialogue for Peace in the Great Lakes Region.”

These young people with a sign of satisfaction gathered at the Muningi roundabout in Nyiragongo territory where they started their walk before going to the stadium of ISC Goma where several exchanges of experiences were made to launch a strong message to the Congolese and Rwandan authorities that young people are ready for peace in harmony in the Great Lakes region and that the leaders must follow the deep aspirations of the youth of the North Kivu province in the DRC and that of Rubavu district in Rwanda.