Mexico: Ambassadors of Peace Project in the City Hall of Tláhuac


An article from the Heraldo de México (translation by CPNN)

Embajadores de la Paz is a very noble project, whose objective is to add more people to promote and strengthen values, starting from culture, education and human rights.

The need to strengthen the social fabric through actions that allow society to develop in a better way, requires the commitment of all sectors so that, working as a team, we can achieve the much desired peace, said the deputy of the City Congress of Mexico, Rigoberto Salgado Vázquez.

The legislator explained that as part of his work as an elected representative is to generate the necessary conditions so that the residents of Tláhuac can have better tools to improve their quality of life, including respect for their human rights, better coexistence, as well as decent and safe environments and environments.

He pointed out that the objective of strengthening values, citizen empowerment and human rights as basic tools to achieve tranquility and well-being in the community, is to contribute to eradicating violence and to a better life for children and youth.

“We must recognize that there is a problem in the social fabric, which affects young people mainly, and that is why we are contributing to the rescue of spaces and those sectors that need help and better opportunities to improve their quality of life, starting from the Culture of Peace, “said Salgado Vázquez.

The Peace Ambassadors project arises from the need of the inhabitants of Tláhuac to raise their voices and demand from their leaders better living conditions, “where legislators must be the link between the neighbors and the authorities in order to resolve their problems. lawsuits, “acknowledged Salgado Vázquez.

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“We have a responsibility with our community, with the neighbors, with the youth and children of Tláhuac, but it is also important that we join efforts and work as a team, since it requires the participation of all to achieve the objectives set,” he stressed.

The deputy explained that with this model an education will be promoted through workshops, forums, conferences, and thus be able to take the message to the families, communities, towns and colonies of Tláhuac, with the firm conviction of exercising the practice of peace.

“Peace is action, it goes beyond imagining a static moment; It is a series of activities that lead us to a state of well-being, through culture, learning, respect for the environment, as well as various challenges that must be put into practice.

He added that these actions were supported by a 30-hour training for two weeks, where participants developed skills to detect conflicts, alternatives to solve them, exchange ideas, encourage participation and a healthy coexistence for the welfare of the community in Tláhuac.

“It is important to create the links that allow us to reach the whole community, make them participants in decision-making and assume the commitment to contribute to generate better scenarios where a Culture of Peace predominates.”

In addition to this, measures to promote respect for human rights will be put into practice, as well as ensuring equality between women and men, generating opportunities for participation, exchange of ideas, through understanding, tolerance and solidarity.

“We are immersed in a complex social context, where violence takes over our spaces, breaking the tranquility of people, so it is essential to implement actions that allow us to recover and repair the social fabric, mainly in adolescents” added Salgado Vázquez.

The legislator for Tláhuac recalled that the issue is raised in the third article of the Declaration and Program of Action on a Culture of Peace implemented by the United Nations Organization, as a universal right that requires the full attention of governments and legislators.

“We are sure that together we will achieve our objectives, that we will live better and that we will have the peace necessary to develop day by day and be better citizens, more committed, participatory and supportive, generating an identity and taking care of our surroundings, and that this type of actions will be can sign in other scenarios of our city, “he said.

He added that this project aims to forge Ambassadors of Peace to focus their community work in the construction of shared welfare and peace, to generate social capital, especially in the various territories where needed.