7th Fair of Nonviolent Initiatives in Quito, Ecuador


An article and photo album by Walker Vizcarra in Pressenza (reproduced according to a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license) (translation by CPNN)

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Can festivals help create peace at the community level?

More than 15 organizations that develop activities, projects and initiatives for active nonviolence, building a culture of peace, non-discrimination and respect for diversity have come together on the boulevard the United Nations in the city of Quito, last Saturday October 27th for the 7th Fair of Nonviolent Initiatives , which is one of the iconic activities carried out during “Nonviolent October.”

NonViolent October brought together collectives and organizations from 14 cities that launched more than 100 initiatives between the last week of September and the entire month October which ended a few days ago.

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