Colombia: Schools for Peace deliver their first results


An article from La Nacion

Schools for Peace, providing a diploma to children, adolescents, youth, parents, teachers and community leaders have delivered their first results in Villa de Los Andes, in La Plata; Silvania, in Giant; La Arcadia, in Algeciras; and Carlos Ramón Repizo, in San Agustín.

According to the Secretary of Education, Gloria González Perdomo, the project carried out forums and workshops, and the product was the publication of a pedagogical primer.
She added that these have been delivered to the educational communities in subregional forums in the educational institutions referred to. The fourth and last forum was held in

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“These primers, as a pedagogical product of the project, should serve as a reference for all the educational, private and public establishments of the department, to address the problems related to peace. Coexistence is one of the pillars of the Development Plan ‘The Way is Education”, said Gonzalez Perdomo.

Peace: transversal theme

Humberto Montealegre, coordinator of the transversality programs of the Departmental Education Secretariat explained, “The purpose of the project of Schools for Peace and Participatory Democracy is the construction of a basic curricular document to develop the Chair of Peace in all educational institutions, not as a single subject, but as a transversal theme.”

He concluded by saying that in this way and in accordance with the curriculum of each educational establishment, all teachers, from preschool to eleventh, should develop teaching programs that promote culture of peace, coexistence and democracy