Children from Cauca, Córdoba and Bogotá will participate in Cinema Solidario of the UNICEF School of Peace


An article from Radio Santa Fe (translation by CPNN)

Next Monday, April 16 from 9 a.m. UNICEF will work in partnership with the Union of Bilingual Schools (UCB) on the Cinema Solidario initiative.

9,000 students from 16 schools in Bogotá, 300 children from 4 schools in the department of Córdoba and the New Vision Educational Institution of Honduras located in Buenos Aires (Cauca) will participate, involving 35 children and adolescents; They will receive the visit of Goodwill Ambassador Belky Arizala, who will be the facilitator and leader of the day.

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The “Schools in Peace” strategy throughout the country benefits 11,884 students, 614 teachers, 4,380 families, 106 educational agents and 6 community councils. It is a pedagogical proposal led by UNICEF that creates, develops and consolidates learning communities around the construction of a culture of peace in educational and community contexts that have been affected by the armed conflict in Colombia. Currently, this promotes knowledge, skills and attitudes that generate changes in the behavior of children, adolescents, youth and adults to resolve conflicts peacefully, create participatory learning environments for coexistence and democracy and link pedagogies to prevent new conflicts and forms of violence at the interpersonal, social and structural levels.

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“For UNICEF, it is important that schools have spaces where children from different regions of the country can participate, express their points of view; argue and debate their opinions. It is essential for them to train in democracy and citizenship. Respect for difference, constructive dialogue and peaceful coexistence build a culture of PEACE, “says Frederick Spielberg, UNICEF OIC Deputy Representative.

Solidarity Cinema will be made under the cinema-forum methodology, because through it, UNICEF seeks to promote reflection and exchange of school initiatives around the construction of peace, human rights and coexistence in the school and community environment, through the participation of girls and boys.

The day will feature five (5) key moments for girls and boys, which are:

1. Reflection, exchange and dialogues will be generated among students around the construction of peace, coexistence and human rights with cultural and territorial diversity.

2. A brief review of the film will be shared and the context in which it is developed will be explained.

3. The movie “Whale Rider” will be screened.

4. Belky Arizala, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador will share with the students and motivate their participation through questions, which will motivate the discussion and reflection on children’s rights.

5. At the end, the students will be organized by groups and will share their experience during the Cinema Solidario and they will make an artistic show for the educational community.

According to Mauricio Castaño, Executive Director of UCB: “The partnership with UNICEF has been very relevant for the UCB. These activities, such as the film forum, have allowed our students to know other realities, be aware of the rights of children and develop leadership skills and social entrepreneurship.”