On the way to the World Social Forum in Bahia


An article from Attac

The next World Social Forum (WSF) will take place in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil, from 13 to 17 March 2018.

This WSF session is unlikely to have the same impact as the WSFs of the 2000s, but it will bring together many participants, mainly from the city and state of Salvador but also from the Americas (North and South). South) as of some European countries, starting with France.

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The Brazilian political situation, with a presidential election to be held in the autumn of this year, will obviously weigh on this WSF, which will be mobilized against the austerity policies at work in the country.

In this context, several elements that justify Attac’s presence and involvement in this WSF deserve to be highlighted.

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World Social Forums, Advancing the Global Movement for a Culture of Peace?

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* The international situation is very unstable, a consequence of the weakening of American domination, and is marked by the coming to power of “populist”, xenophobic leaders tempted by authoritarian policies. It is therefore particularly important for movements around the world to be able to analyze this new situation and to exchange the experiences of the various resistance struggles that are developing on all continents.

* This WSF will be another opportunity to debate on the situation and balance sheet of left-wing governments in South America. These debates that continue regularly at each international meeting (Montreal WSF or People’s Summit in Buenos Aires during the WTO Ministerial for example) and are interesting for all movements, in America as on other continents.

* Salvador is one of the cities of Brazil where the population of African origin is the most important (Brazil having been the country in America with the most slaves). Discrimination, the aftermath of slavery and post-colonial issues will therefore be central.

Attac France will therefore be present at the World Social Forum in Salvador, with a delegation composed of members of the Board of Directors and facilitators of the “Systemic Alternatives” project (a project led by Attac France, Solon Foundation of Bolivia and Focus On The Global South, based in Southeast Asia that has helped to publish the book Le Monde emerges).

If you wish to contact the Attac delegation on site, you can contact fsm2018@attac.org.

Registration for the Forum is on the wsf2018.org website; when you register on this site do not forget to join the organization “Attac France”.