DRC: Meeting on the School Day of Non Violence and Peace


An article by John Mukhuta Muhiana, for the World Peace Foundation / DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

The World Peace Foundation, DRC, has organized an event for the school day of non-violence and peace, commemorating the death of his excellence Mahatma Gandhi. The event took place on January 30, 2018 in the Provincial Assembly of Lualaba, with the participation of the political authorities, representatiives from the mining companies, the school project Living Peace, people from India and the Representative of the Indian Ambassador.

The event began at 14:00 in the plenary room mentioned above with the slogan “peace, love and unity “. This day was initially celebrated since 1964 by the Spanish poet, educator and pacifist, Llorenc Vidal, and the day was recognized by UNESCO in 1993.

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The event was dedicated to politicians, public officials, parents, educators and teachers, to promote lifelong education for non-violence and peace. It is essential to educate for solidarity and respect for others, because wars start in the minds of men and it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be raised. In this event, the World Peace Foundation has celebrated its 15th anniversary, the commemoration of the death of His Excellency Mahatma Gandhi and the world day of non-violence and peace.
At 19:00, the guests were accompanied to the Moon Palas Hotel for a cocktail and meal until 1 am. The holiday gave joy to peace supporters and participants. This event was sponsored by the Governor of the Province His Excellency Mr. Muyej Mangeze Mans who is our Universal Circle of Peace Ambassador. He contributed $ 3000 for the organization of this event. We thank also the President of the Provincial Assembly the Honorable Kamwenyi Thumbo Louis who allowed us to hold the event in the plenary hall of the Assembly.

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