SEGIB Launches Laboratory of Innovation for Peace in Colombia


An article from Iberoeconomia (translated by CPNN)

The Ibero-American General Secretariat is organizing the Laboratory of Civic Innovation for Peace between February 13 and 24 with the support of the High Council for the Postconflict of the Presidency of Colombia, the Governorate of Nariño, and Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue with the support of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development.

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The Laboratories for Citizen Innovation, which will be held annually in Ibero-America, make it possible for hundreds of citizens from all the countries of the region to work together to develop innovative projects to improve society. The Laboratory of Civic Innovation for Peace in Colombia will be the first time that citizen innovation and solutions that citizens of all Latin America propose will be part of the construction of peace.

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As of February 13 and for 12 days, 100 citizens from Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Uruguay and Venezuela will work together on 10 projects of innovation that will provide solutions to key post-conflict challenges in Colombia in the field of human rights, coexistence, alternative local development, culture of peace and reconciliation.

The Innovation for Citizens Peace Laboratory will work on innovation and technology solutions for problems that arise in Colombia in this post-conflict stage, for example: 3D prosthesis manufacturing for victims of conflict, sustainable systems for water use in rural areas, digital platforms to organize citizen activism and documentation of the experience of an indigenous people that resisted drug trafficking.

During the Laboratory 15 conferences, meetings and free courses will be held with experts in peace and innovation processes from around the world that will be open to the public and can be followed through Facebook Live.

On February 24, the participants will present to the public all the projects completed at the Imperial Theater of Pasto in the presence of Minister Rafael Pardo and the Ibero-American General Secretary, Rebeca Grynspan, together with the governor of Nariño, Camilo Romero.

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