Honduras: Culture of peace promoted in 200 young people from “hot” areas


An article from La Tribuna (translated by CPNN)

200 young people from different neighborhoods and colonies of the Central District came to the headquarters of the Scout Movement, to participate in the “Honduras Motivate” event, promoting kills for life and leadership, from outdoor play activities,.

The activity was developed within the framework of the comprehensive security strategy program of the government, through the Secretariat of Security in the Office of Prevention and the Cabinet of Prevention, Peace and Coexistence.

During the activities, from 9:00 in the morning until 12:00 noon, the youth practiced and developed different group activities to learn to participate and create shared objectives in the construction of a culture of peace, harmony and coexistence.

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How can sports promote peace?

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These activities are carried out in strategic neighborhoods to help young people and try to remove them from the risky situation that leads them to fall into the hands of organized criminal groups.

Deputy Minister of Security, Alejandra Hernández, said that “Honduras Motívate is a project promoted by the government of President Hernández, within the framework of the comprehensive security strategy.”

In different parks for a better life, this type of activity is carried out so that young people and children can keep themselves occupied and, above all, develop habits of coexistence.

Young people participate in traditional games to try to recover the culture that has been lost. These games are little known and rarely practiced by children, adolescents and young people, explained Hernández.

They also carry out competitions where they learn and understand that there is no superiority between men and women, by valuing and seeing that each one possesses abilities and strengths different from the others.

Hernandez added that “much remains to be done, the country must advance, and harmonize in the construction of a culture of peace, we are not going back because we are on the right track and we will continue the struggle.”