Panama: CUMIPAZ promotes justice and democracy


An article written by Lineth Rodriguez for Metro Libre (translated by CPNN)

Panama is home to the third Summit of Integration for Peace, which tomorrow (21 October) will have its closing ceremony, and which has discussed issues of great importance, from scientific work for the preservation of Mother Earth and Humanity to diplomacy and education .

“We work for an altruistic cause, including sowing a culture of peace, building a culture of peace, promoting and defending human rights, respect for human dignity, tolerance for equality and peaceful resolution of conflicts,” said Magistrate Camilo Montoya Reyes.

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Proposals for Reform of the United Nations: Are they sufficiently radical?

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He said that among its programs, the organizer, the World Embassy of Activists for Peace, seeks to strengthen justice and impartiality in the international arena, especially to strengthen the International Criminal Court, which is responsible for investigating international crimes.

Also, they seek to democratize the UN, so that the Security Council is enlarged to have not only the present five permanent members, but also a permanent member from Latin America.

The following are presentations in the morning session:

– Proposal for strengthening the autonomy and effectiveness of the Criminal and International Court by Dr. Ania Salinas Cerda;

– Challenges of International Justice in detecting alarm signals, and in preventing genocidal atrocities by Judge Rafaa Ben Achour;

– Introduction to the Peace and Democracy Panel in Latin America and Latin America as an Island of Peace by attorney Ernesto Samper Pizano, former president of Colombia.