Children and youth celebrating a culture of peace around the world



In the process of surveying participation in the International Day of Peace, one could not help but be charmed by the photos of thousands of children and youth in every part of the world, dressed brightly and engaged actively in celebrating a culture of peace. Here are a few of them.

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In Aniva, Sakhalin, Russia, Children took part in the action “Dove of Peace” on 22nd September 2017 with a launch into the sky of paper doves attached to balloons. On the wings of the birds were written the names of the dead fighters in 1941-1945 and the names of the workers of the rear, all those who gave their lives, defending the world, during the war.

Paita, Nouvelle Caledonie: Dressed in the colors of the rainbows, the schoolchildren sang of peace with their families and teachers as the audience.

In Timberland, Missouri, members of the High School Art Club planted over 1,200 pinwheels around the exterior of their school on September 21st in recognition of International Day of Peace.

Dieppe, France. Children coloring a dove for peace in front of the Town Hall.

Question for this article

What has happened this year (2017) for the International Day of Peace?

Bethlehem, Palestine : Students carried banners urging “to promote the values of peace, freedom, justice and salvation from the occupation, stressing their right to live and education in an environment of peace and security.”

Chetumal, México : To commemorate September 21, International Day of Peace, hundreds of children came from different Scout groups, with their different banners for peace.

Kigali, RwandaTo mark the day, over 400 Rwandan youth from across the country convened at Parliamentary Buildings in Kimihurura, Kigali to deliberate on different interventions of promoting values of respect towards more peaceful families.