Mexico City reinforces the dissemination of participatory budgeting


An article from Milenio Diario, dated May 28.

Autonomous organizations and secretariats of the Government of the City of Mexico have joined the campaign of dissemination of the Capital Electoral Institute to promote the Citizen Consultation on Participatory Budgeting 2018.

Councilors of the Capital Electoral Institute will have the support of agencies and agencies of the Government of Mexico City in the dissemination of the Citizen Consultation on Participatory Budgeting 2018 (Cinthya Stettin)

During a meeting in the facilities of that electoral body, some of the dissemination actions that were carried out were detailed:

– Placing a banner on their respective websites with information about the Citizen Consultation.

– Installation of posters about the initiative in visible places of those institutions.

– Informational talks on the subject given to staff

– Placement of itinerant modules for the registration of projects within the facilities of these agencies and secretariats.

In order to encourage project registration, the dynamic of #TuPresupuestoChallenge will be activated, which means that all staff memberrs of a unit can registerr citizen projects. Also a video will launch a challenge to other units, so that they perform the same activity, in order to replicate it and generate more citizen proposals.

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Meanwhile, electoral councilor Pablo Lezama said that “for this citizen exercise, the goal is to have better registered projects and to insure that citizens receive all the information necessary to participate actively.”

He explained that IEDF staff has worked to establish better coordination and lines of action with local institutions to ensure that citizens receive adequate information about this exercise of democratic participation.

The meeting was attended by judges from the Capital Electoral Tribunal and representatives of the local Human Rights Commission as well as the Institute of Transparency, Access to Public Information, Protection of Personal Data and Accountability.

Likewise, the various local secretariats of Urban Development and Housing are added to this initiative; including Economic Development; Environment; Works and Services; Social Development; Health; Finance; Public Security; Civil Protection; Labor and Employment Promotion; and Science and Technology and Innovation.

Others In addition include the Comptroller of Mexico City, the Urban Management Agency, the Institute for the Integration of People with Disabilities, the System for Integral Family Development, the Attorney General’s Office and the Legal and Legal Services Council

Lezama added that last year they received around 20 thousand proposals in 30 days. For this year the deadline has been extended to almost 100 days for this activity, which expires on July 14.

He informed that the projects could be registered in person in any of the 40 district addresses of the IEDF and online in the page of that body election.

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