Mexico: With alternative justice, hope advances in Chiapas


An article from Cuarto Poder (translated by CPNN)

Judge Rutilio Escandón Cadenas, president of the Superior Court of Justice and the Judiciary Council, considers that justice in Chiapas is now perceived in terms of transparency, promptness, sensitivity and impartiality thanks to the new judicial system throughout the country.

In the city of San Cristóbal de las Casas, the presiding magistrate spoke about the commitment of the Judicial Power to alternative means of conflict resolution which allows greater flexibility through the use of mediation, arbitration and conciliation, a new culture for security and justice.

Rutilio Escandón considers that there is no time for confrontations and discord, which should not be part of the human condition and environment in which we live; instead, it is time to adopt more fertile paths, with consistent and rational contributions that give a better vision of what we want for Chiapas.

With this new way of imparting justice, said the magistrate, the state is consolidating a culture of peace that can unite all peoples and communities. Through dialogue we can construct a system of justice that that is transformative and uplifts human rights .

“I invite everyone to take advantage of the State Center of Alternative Justice, instead of using the old judicial system. In this way, we can live in harmony, which is possible as long as we have the enthusiasm to work for unity among all of us and the conviction that we can achieve it”, concluded Rutilio Escandón.

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