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Question: Do the arts create a basis for a culture of peace?, What is, or should be, their role in our movement? CPNN article: New York Poets for Peace Ready to Take Their Show on the Road
CPNN Administrator
Posted: July 10 2003,19:39

Do the arts create a basis for a culture of peace? What is, or should be, their role in our movement? How can peace activists support artists in inspiring a culture of peace?

This discussion topic relates the following reports,
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UNA-USA San Diego 2006 Eleonor Roosevelt Human Rights Award;
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SNC 2012 - spectacle d'ouverture: Que la paix soit sur le monde
Projet de festival international de marionnettes
Project for an International Festival of Marionettes
Oceanside woman promotes peace through murals (US)
Les Marionnettes de la Paix
Marionettes for Peace
Se crea premio de fotografía por la paz (Ecuador)
Creation of a prize for peace photography (Ecuador)
2013 Peace and Cooperation School Award
L'initiative des marionnettes de la paix pour la journée internationale de la paix
Marionnettes for Peace: An initiative for the International Day of Peace
Pintando por la paz: proyecto Kids Gernika
Painting for peace: project Kids Gernica
Peace Mechanisms at Santorini Biennale 2014
Frédéric Back, Director of "The Man Who Planted Trees"
Maroc: Les enfants du monde se rassemblent pour la paix; 8ème édition du Festival international du folklore de l’enfant
Morocco: Children from around the world come together for peace; The 8th edition of the International Festival of Children's Folklore
US: The First Mural Museum in the World is a Culture of Peace Museum
AAPI Convenes 2nd Arts4Peace Forum in Addis Ababa
Philippines: Fostering a culture of peace through art

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CPNN Administrator
Posted: Oct. 29 2003,08:20

The following information has been received from Joanne Tawfilis of the The Art Miles Mural Project.

This is a list of major exhibitions the Art Miles Mural Project has been involved with or organized as an officially recognized project for the UNESCO Decade of the Culture of Peace and Non Violence Among Children of the World.  Although we are unable to post all our activities on the UNESCO Peace Public Web Site, I thought it might be good for you all to see just how comprehensive and far-reaching our project has become.  All of us, including the many volunteers who work in over 100 countries are truly dedicated to this project that brings people together through art.  I am compiling photos of murals (over 900 so far), events, newsclips, and photos that give UNESCO excellent recognition for the Decade project.  I hope we can continue to cooperate throughout the Decade.  We literally have thousands of incredible photographs and short stories of our interactions with hundreds of thousands of people so far.  We have a volume of news articles, TV video's and magazine articles that have covered our project.  See the Art Miles Mural Project Website.  It is also our desire to continue organizing Mural Marathons as done in Mexico, Austria and Spain.  We hope to do them in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt in the coming year, with China following in 2005.

List of Major Mural Exhibitions 2000-present

American Museum of Natural History, New York City (3 times)
St. Martin's Pyramids, Teotihuacan, Mexico (75 murals completed by 1505 children)
Regional Office of East Asia (Bangkok, Thailand)
Millennium Hotel New York City
International Children's Conference on the Environment (UNEP) x2
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation Museum (10 x), Mashantucket, CT
Camp Adventure, American Cancer Society, Long Island, NY
United Nations Headquarters New York City
Old Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside, California
Ground Zero New York City
St. John the Divine School, New York City
Ground Hog Day, Puxatawney, Pennsylvania
Children's Museum Portsmouth, Virginia
Directorio Nacional de las Artes Plasticas, Mexico City, Mexico
Fox TV Studios, Tijuana and Rosarito Beach, Baja, Mexico
Bristol Town Hall, Vermont
Keene Town Hall, New Hampshire
Vista Business Center, Vista, California
Art in the Park, East Lyme, Connecticut
Save the Sound, Marina and Yacht Club Stamford, CT
Save the Sound, Avery Point Connecticut College, Groton, CT
Books, Boats and Brushes, New London, Connecticut
Connecticut College, New London, Connecticut
Multicultural Outdoor Festival, New London, Connecticut
BARD College, New York (2x)
Amnesty International Human Rights Conference Conn College, Connecticut
St. Lovre Katic, Solin, Croatia
National Network for Youth, Marriott Hotel Washington, DC
Children's Environmental Health Network, Georgetown University, Washington, DC
Southdown Environmental Park, Sparta, New Jersey
World Beat Center, San Diego, California (5x)
Bob Marley Day, Sports Arena, San Diego, California
Martin Luther King/Caesar Chavez School, San Diego, California
Avenida de los Artistas, Vienna, Austria
Hallamasch Street Festival, Vienna, Austria
University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, Canada
Katmandu, Nepal
Jackie Robinson School, New Haven, Connecticut
Ledyard Fair and Outdoor Park, Ledyard, Connecticut
American Red Cross, New London, Connecticut
Ocean Beach Park, New London, Connecticut
Jack Jackter Elementary School, Colchester, Connecticut
American Association of Art Therapists National Conference, Washington, DC
Norwich University, Norwich England
Multicultural Exhibition of Art, Seychelles
Tunas Hijas Club, Surabaya, Indonesia
Technical Museum Peace Mural Painting (30 murals completed by 750 children)
Rathaus City Centre City, Vienna, Austria International Peace Demonstration
Mayor's Office Rathausplatz, Vienna, Austria
Stadhalle, Graz, Austria
Burgenland, Austria
Dome of St. Polten Niederosterreich, Austria
International Mural Marathon (Valencia, Spain) 110 murals completed by 1200 children
International Mural Marathon (Haiti/Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat) 5 murals completed by 800  children
Children's Project with Slum Children (Fauzia Minallah) completed by 80 children
International Day for Refugees, International Rescue Committee, Balboa Park,
San Diego, CA (Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, and Ethiopia, and Iraqi Women)
American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Run, Chula Vista, CA
Art on the Bay, Chula Vista, CA
Manhattan Memorial Mural Unveiling, Meridien Towers, San Diego,  CA
International Day of Peace with Ivy Walls, Bronx New York
International Day of Peace with Kids Day America/International, 59th St., Manhattan, NY
Concert of Hope for New York City, International Peace Festival, Merkin Theater, NY
International Day of Peace, Central Park, New York
International World Peace Festival, Amenia, New York (major exhibit of Murals from  
Valencia, Spain/Dr. Escudero)
September 11, 2003 Memorial Observance, Suffern, NY
Akwesasne/Mohawk Territories Announcement and Exhibition of International  Indigenous Youth Peace Summit for 2005, Quebec, Canada
Seniors and Grandchildren Paint for Peace, Technical Museum, Vienna, Austria
UN Day Celebration, Joan Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice, San Diego, CA
Gather the Women Congress, Women of Vision and Action, San Francisco, CA
Senior Citizen Exhibition and Mural Paintings, Suffern, Nyack and Clarkston, NY
Mural Painting Marathon, Norwich, England
Women of the 21st Century, Havana, Cuba

Planned Donations of Murals when completed:
The Environmental Mural Mile will be donated to Planete Exploration, Geneva, Switzerland
The Indigenous Peoples Mile will be donated to the planned Akwesasne/Mohawk Museum in Quebec
The Multicultural/Diversity Mile will be donated to Museo de La Pintura Mural, Teotihuacana, Mexico

The Art Miles Mural Project Website
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Posted: Aug. 11 2004,03:00

Art can create a basis for a culture of peace because the artist must create a work.  The artistic process in as individualistic as each artist is.  But at the same time I think that creating a work forces the artist to ask themselves questions. (what to make? why? how?, etc.)  By working on art projects and by asking question and searching for answers artists develop their ability to be creative and they learn about themselves.  These two consequences of the artistic process can serve as a basis for a culture of peace because:

Firstly, by asking yourself questions and looking for answers you raise your level of consciouess or you learn about yourself which facilates acting responsibly, honestly, etc.


Secondly, creativity is the same as being resourceful and being resourceful allows you to act in more than one way.  The more options you have at your disposal the greater your capacity to see from a bird's eye view (the big picture).  When you look at things from a bird's eye view you are less likely act egotistically because you can see how all these other things relate.
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Posted: July 15 2005,07:41

Yes, the arts do create a basis for a culture of peace.
The question I would raise is where are the visual artists who have produced a Guernica like painting of Felluja? Paintings last longer than photographs which are too often fleeting.
Do the poets against the war meet annually?
I caught a bit of an interesting tv show which featured world class artists such as Wole Soyinka speaking in Israel/Palestine about ways to further the peace movement there. Did anyone else see the entire show?
I hope a local Peace Day could emulate the UN opening ceremony .
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