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Participatory Budget 2014: Sunday will be the vote [Trenque, Argentina]
an article by La Verdad on line

On Sunday from 9 to 17 Participatory Budgeting for 2014 will be implemented in the reference centers of Trenque Lauquen Lauquen Dam and at City Hall. In all there are nine interesting alternatives that the citizens of Trenque Lauquen can choose from according to what they consider most necessary for the community.

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PROJECT # 1: Separate for a clean city. Implementation of neighborhood bins to make waste collection more efficient. Awareness campaign for separation of waste for recycling.

PROJECT # 2: Let's love life. Driver Education Campaign. Traffic signals and speed bumps. Creation of a separate route for municipal traffic.

PROJECT # 3: Youth in Motion. Dedicated spaces for youth activities.

PROJECT # 4: Cooperative Entrepreneurship for Agroecological Production. Production of fruits and vegetables with local labor. Supply the city with healthy and nutritious food produced without agrochemicals.

PROJECT # 5: Integrated Plazas and Public Spaces. Games, recreation and utility items for children, youth, adults with disabilities and seniors.

PROJECT # 6: Accessible jogging paths - Blue Zone. Leveling Paths in the south sector of the city.

PROJECT # 7: Accessible jogging paths - Yellow zone. Leveling paths in the western sector of the city.

PROJECT No. 8: Day Centre - Sewing dreams. Sewing workshop to generate supportive income.

PROJECT # 9: Theme Park "Mini-streets". On city land, to construct in miniature scale - streets and footpaths with traffic signals. There will be guided lectures and practice with vehicles.

PROJECT # 10: Socio-educational cooperative for making toys.

PROJECT # 11: Accessible jogging paths - Green Zone. Leveling paths in the northern sector of the city.

PROJECT # 12: Radio Activa. Itinerant community radio project.

PROJECT # 13: Separate to make things better. Community waste containers to optimize collection and city cleaning.

PROJECT # 14: Friendly Public Spaces. Work on plazas and Parks in the northern area of the city to improve our public spaces.

PROJECT # 15: Better Health and Education For All. Building extension of SUM Chiquito Tello.

PROJECT # 16: Accessible jogging paths - Orange Zone. Leveling paths in the eastern sector of the city.

PROJECT # 17: Urban Forestry. Afforestation and reforestation in the new neighborhoods in the eastern sector of the city

PROJECT # 18: Separate more. Distribution of colored bins to the residents in the eastern sector of the city.

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This report was posted on July 13, 2014.