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Oasis Mundi: Make Happen the World We Dream
un articulo por Herbert Santo de Lima

Video: Oasis Mundi 2011 training

How can you change the world and make peace FAST, FUN and without putting your hand in your pocket? That’s the proposal of the OASIS GAME. This game is a methodology created by the Elos Institute, from Santos, BRAZIL ( They are a group of young architects who, instead of working with building design, have graduated to work with social design. The game is based in some basic steps and what makes it incredibly successful is the possibility of empowerment of any community you want to work with. The idea of the methodology is based on the steps in the following diagram that fit any community:

click on photo to enlarge

1. The GAZE: Look for the beauty beyond the common view in the community.
2. The AFFECTION: Know the people you will work with by talking to them, be their friend and understand them.
3. The Dream: Ask about their dream. We all have a lot of problems to solve, but usually just one BIG dream that we wish it was true. Ask for the community dream, what do they all want to build together?
4. The CARE: If we all have a common dream let’s plan it together, but we will do it with our own resources. Let’s be creative, innovative and fast!
5. The MIRACLE: Hands on! It is time to make the dream come true. This step is known as miracle because it is incredible what a group of engaged people can do.
6. The CELEBRATION: We did it! So let’s have a big party and remember we are strong together
7. The Re-Evolution: Time to plan new dreams, time to have a new perspective of the future and start the fun all over again.

At the beginning the Elos Team organized some OASIS by themselves, and their goal was change the world by playing the OASIS GAME. The tool is really powerful and they realize that they can make any community dream come true in a very short time, but it was not enough to do just a few OASIS per year. The needed more, so they started training other young people from all around the world in this methodology, giving them the freedom to use it in their own community. I am one of those young who passed by the School of Warriors Without Weapons (as they call the one month, full time, training program).

This effort results in a good virus that spreads this game around the globe. Here you can see a map where all the projects have been made so far (and those still running):

I do believe that any Warrior is available for a invite to play the game with you. Yes, this is an invitation from me, to you. If you want to transform your community call us, we will go. Our dream is to realize your community dream.

My name is Herbert, I’m a Warrior Without Weapons and I say “HEY”.

Click here to continue and to see videos of Oasis Mundi from around the world.


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Comentario más reciente:

(The following is continued from the main article listed above.)

It is incredible the number of young people engaged in changing their own community, and the power of these micro-revolutions.  We, Warriors Without Weapons, believe every single person in the world can make a change in their community, you just have to follow the steps of the methodology. It’s called a game because it is really FUN. We dance, we sing, we play. It is not nice to call all your friends to work, or suffer with you. But it is cool to call them to play a game, to have fun and meet new people. It is not easy to explain that in words. The methodology that the Elos Institute has developed part of the central idea that we can change the world with the resources we have and often do not know. . ... continuación.

Este artículo ha sido publicado on line el August 24, 2012.