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Preparing for the International Day of Peace, September 21
un articulo por Culture of Peace Initiative

The International Day of Peace is one month away. Many observances will start sooner. One focus of this issue is to help organizations create and disseminate press releases to raise awareness of your Peace Day events - and your year round peacebuilding practices. Below that is information on some new or significant events - as well as ways to network and promote your organization or efforts for this year's global observance.

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Press Release Tips and A Press Release Template are provided in the discussion related to this article. Click here if it is not shown on the right side of this page :

The International Day of Peace was established by a unanimous resolution of the United Nations in 1981. Its mission is to provide a common time period for individuals, organizations and nations to create practical acts of peace on or near a shared date, and to bring together efforts from around the world whose ultimate focus is to promote peace and sustainability. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the International Day of Peace. In recent years, this observance has included significant portions of humanity due to the proliferation of wireless technology, computers and cell phones,

The United Nations announced earlier this year that the theme for this year's International Day of Peace 2011 is 'Make Your Voice Heard'. In doing so it thanked the thousands of organizations who have 'institutionalized' this observance worldwide.

Peace Day saves lives. Nations and governing bodies the world over are joining the call for peace through a range of activities including ceasefires, proclamations, and pledges for humanitarian aid. Religious groups and educational institutions across the planet are conducting both educational and community service programs. Many non-government organizations use this occasion as an opportunity to promote their year round efforts, whether their focus is on human rights, the environment, humanitarian relief, poverty, health care, disarmament or international cooperation. World leaders and public figures call for participation; businesses and professionals create various types of promotions; individuals can participate in many ways - even privately, or with friends and family. The combination of all of these activities creates long term impact, beyond the annual observance.

One such peacebuilding effort is the Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI), which is a UN-designated Peace Messenger program established by Pathways To Peace that includes thousands of organizations from around the world. Pathways To Peace has been working with the United Nations to promote the observance of the International Day of Peace since its inception in 1981. The Culture of Peace Initiative has promoted peace by bringing together previously unseen and unheard voices working towards peace, as well as uniting the strengths of established organizations to help create a worldwide 'culture of peace' for future generations. For more information about Pathways To Peace, the Culture of Peace Initiative, and the International Day of Peace as well as listings of thousands of events worldwide, please visit , , and .

Click on the following link for a 3 minute informative and entertaining video about the International Day of Peace. The EVENT LOCATOR on our websites for 2011 is open for all to use. Please post your events on our websites and / or . Events posted on either site automatically show up on the other site. This will give your event the widest possible global exposure. Events listed will also be included in our annual Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) report to the United Nations.


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From the Culture of Peace Initiative:

Press Release Tips:

It is important to obtain local media coverage to promote your event for the International Day of Peace.  In fact for many events, local coverage may be the most likely to occur.  Go to the websites of the top newspapers and TV and radio stations in your area to a link that says "Contact Us", "News Tips" or "Press Releases".  You should be able to e-mail or paste your press release into a form and submit it.  

The following link may be of assistance to you.  Sending press releases to on-line newsletters and organizations that have such newsletters, or Facebook pages, or blogs, may also help to promote your event and / or organization.  If your NGO has many local branches (and some of you have hundreds), you may wish to forward your Press Release to these various locations for their own use.

Here is a Press Release Template - that you can use or adapt:

YOUR ORGANIZATION is... . ... continuación.

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