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Book Review of 'Peace Flower'
un articulo por Michael Holmboe

"Peace Flower: A Nuclear Space Adventure", a book by international writer Ada Aharoni, transports us into a world of magic in the future, where the Peace Flower blossoms. Heroic, smart and lovable Lee and Ron, succeed, after many exciting adventures in space, to bring the exquisite Flower of Peace to our present on earth, where it is so much needed!

The dangerous and destructive nuclear giant, Nuki; pursues Lee and Ron in their extraordinary adventures in space but they succeed to escape his cruel clutches. With the help of Muzi, the most ultra Hi-Tech spatial car, that speaks and laughs, and Petra, their magic guide, the sister of Peter Pan, they finally succeed to penetrate the Future, and joyfully accomplish their mission.

Those two courageous youngsters succeed to overcome Nuki and to reduce him to a toy dinosaur and to imprison him forever, with the help of the exquisite fragrance of the Peace Flower, which they profusely pour into his eyes. Thus it is the children that save our Planet from destruction. As representatives of the new generation, they recreate our global village, as a beautiful World Beyond War, which we all yearn for.

This extraordinary ”Peace Flower” is a Must for all! Its magic is more exciting and impressive than even that of Harry Potter, and far more meaningful, for it is a powerful allegory symbolic of our own lives and times. It shows how children are our hope in the present and the future, and they are the ones who can save our world from all its maladies, such as war, terror, violence and famine.

Children and young people adore the "Peace Flower," and adults buy it for their children, but grab it and read it first... It is greatly recommended for all ages, and is a wonderful gift for all occasions.

The book is available through the following website: in conjunction with


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Comentario más reciente: :

Students, especially children are easily moved when they hear about other children. Parents and teachers should take time to explain to students about world situations. Show them pictures or documentaries so that they will have a better understanding of how they can promote peace. Simple facts of life like living simply, recycling, protecting the environment can be shared with them so that they develop a different kind of maturity - be prepared to serve others than to be served.  They will realise that peace is important if you want to improve the condition of the unfortunate. As they grow, they choose careers whereby they will be able to meet the needs of the unfortunate.

Este artículo ha sido publicado on line el October 2, 2005.