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Peace Flyer
un articulo por Todd Hill

I am a member of the newly forming peace coalition made up of about thirty high school students at Trinity high school in Louisville, Kentucky. At our inaugural meeting we set out goals for our peace coalition. One of our main goals is to inform and educate the community that encompasses our school about our cause. My idea is to put together a peace flyer to be sent out to people of the community.

The flyer will delineate the importance of peace in our world today, and emphasize the positive impact normal, everyday individuals can have on world peace. In order to successfully open people’s eyes, the content of the flyer that 90% of the people will discard must be passionate and powerful. The best method to find the right words for such a flyer is to consult with a community saturated with passion for peace. Why and how should this peace flyer promote peace? Please send your comments to

The city of St. Matthews surrounds Trinity and is the district where these flyers will be distributed. St. Matthews is a working middle-class area. The people are fairly well educated and well informed. Many people are starting to question the mode of war after seeing the events unfold in Iraq.

The peace flyer can further open people’s minds to alternative, more diplomatic ways of handling conflicts. If the flyer changes just one person’s perspective, I would consider it a tremendous success. Your input is greatly appreciated. When the coalition and I have completed the flyer with your input I will surely post it on CPNN. May peace fill your hearts and minds.


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A community peace flyer, Why and how should it promote peace?

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Comentario más reciente:

It's true that people aren't as connected to their local communities as they should be. But, in my experience, canvassing local shoping centers or supermarkets or just going door to door in your neighborhood can be extremely successful and rewarding.

I graduated from high school 2 years ago. But, in my last couple years in town I started to get involved in local issues. I found that just standing outside the exit from Stop and Shop and handing out flyers was a great way to engage people. It only took a few hours to go through a huge stack of flyers.

Plaster your high school too. I was surprised how many students at my school, who I thought were apathetic, were, in fact, very interested in current issues. [make sure you check your school's postering policy first and get permission from the princple if need be....I learned that one the hard way!]

As far as the content, it's true that someone else has always said it better than you can. Try going to google and searching for quotes by Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Thoreau, etc.

Just doing a search for 'peace quotes' in google came up with about 1,570,000 results. . ... continuación.

Este artículo ha sido publicado on line el January 31, 2004.