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Philippines: Schools of Peace: Antidote to culture of war, violence When The World Said No To War: The Exhibition
"Peace as marked by the decline in armed violence does not bring into focus the casualties of poverty, cultural discrimination or marginalization, political repression and environmental destruction which are not as deafening as wars but have graver impact " "A collection of photos from around the world taken at anti-war protests in February 2003"
Philippines: Bangsamoro peace pact a major contribution to country, world Peace Song from Hiroshima to the World
"Following 17 years of hard negotiations, the Government of the Philippines and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front will finally sign the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro on Thursday, March 27 " "I began to promote this song through the Internet as one of iEARN( International Education and Resource Network) projects."
Interview with Ms. Cecile Guidote-Alvarez Director, UNESCO DREAM Center, Philippines Nonkilling Political Science Takes Root Globally
"Theatre is also an anchor that can help participants and audience grow in the appreciation of indigenous heritage and traditional values that must not be laid aside but reconciled with technological advances. It is an antidote to forgetfulness. " "Volunteers are now translating Nonkilling Global Political Science into 11 languages"
Nonviolent Peaceforce Statement On Framework Agreement On The Bangsamoro (FAB) Signing (Philippines) Myanmar Invites Nonviolent Peaceforce to Support Peace Processes
"The fictionalisation of the FAB is a significant step in resolving a historic conflict and bringing a new era of peace, for the citizens of Mindanao and the country of the Philippines. " "providing technical advice in further refining and setting up ceasefire monitoring mechanisms . . . with the aim of avoiding misunderstandings that could eventually lead to violence "
In Cambodia, the women are saying, “No!” Recent Activities of APCEIU: The Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding
"women have been the heart of the Boeung Kak lake pro-democracy, women’s rights, community rights, land rights movements " "a three-year project (2006-2008) on Situational Analysis of education for international understanding (EIU) and sustainable development (ESD) in Asia and the Pacific region "
At World Culture Forum, a Call for Openness and Understanding (Indonesia) Teaching and Learning for Peace Foundation
"nurturing a culture of peace is essential to achieving sustainable development " "We consider the most powerful change agent to be a good story especially if it is illustrated well"
UNESCO Initiates Peace Education Project in Northern Rakhine State of Myanmar with Support from the Belgium Government International Institute on Peace Education 2012
"Through a conflict-sensitive approach to education, the project will support local leaders, teachers, students, parents and civil society to facilitate constructive civic dialogue that promotes inter- cultural awareness and peaceful co-existence " "educating for human security and survival: emergencies in ecology, energy, economy "
Promoting Intercultural Dialogue and a Culture of Peace in South-East Asia through Shared Histories Training Workshop on Educational Policy and Education for International Understanding
"a long-term project to produce materials for history education in South-East Asia that promote peace and mutual understanding " "so that the trainees can have a comparative reflection on their local educational conditions and envision for better policy and system towards a Culture of Peace"
Pacific leaders endorse climate-action declaration World’s young volunteers promote peace, culture and sustainable development in South Korea
"Palau President Tommy Remengesau Jr. . . . said “in the true spirit of Pacific culture, we don’t use harsh words or demands” in the call for climate action. “But the issue is about our very survival and sustainability as a people.” " "The workcamps are part of UNESCO’s strategy of action to empower young people through participation in activities that encourage volunteering and ensure that youth participate as equal and valuable partners in the society "
The Hiroshima Appeal Running for Peace
"the 8th General Conference of Mayors for Peace . . . engaged in extensive discussions on the theme 'Toward a World without Nuclear Weapons' " "To say no to the nuclear weapons, the Japanese sport for all association, SHINTAIREN, organizes each year a symbolic running relay between Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a distance of 500 km ... as we passed through towns, children gave us paper cranes."
Educators' network to empower women in the Pacific Japanese Coop Members Favor Abolition of Nuclear Energy
"EI’s Women’s Network . . . is now successful throughout the world since the launch of the Arab Women’s Network in 2012 " "In the questionnaire survey with co-op members, 51% agreed with 'abolition in the long run', 15% settled on 'early abolition' and 19% 'in status quo'. "
Consultation Identifies Ways to Support a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence (Fiji) Mayor Welcomes Peace Forum
"the role of women, including grass roots women, in bringing peace to conflict afflicted communities " "As far as I know, this is the first time in New Zealand that local government has assisted in gathering together relevant stakeholders to think intentionally about how to create and sustain a peaceful community, rather than to do so reactively after some terrible event "
Asian youth gather in Cambodia to discuss peace, development UN-Habitat and ICLEI unveil the EcoMobility World Festival
"They would discuss challenges, share experiences and reflect their commitments to a significant and proactive role in building a culture of peace and development in the region in particular and the world at large " "EcoMobility is travel through integrated, socially inclusive, and environmentally-friendly transport options, including and integrating walking, cycling, wheeling. "
UN-Habitat and ICLEI unveil the EcoMobility World Festival Duyog Mindanao Holds "Run for Peace"
"EcoMobility is travel through integrated, socially inclusive, and environmentally-friendly transport options, including and integrating walking, cycling, wheeling. " "Duyog Mindanao is one of the program of Mindanao Peace Weavers which currently represents the broadest network of a peace constituency in Mindanao "
China's ambitious aim: a windy future Peace Boat Launches Fukushima Youth Project
"China plans to use wind turbines both on- and offshore to generate 8.4% of the country’s electricity by 2030 and then double that share just 20 years later. " "Junior High School students from six different schools in Minamisoma, Fukushima, affected by both the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami and the nuclear power plant accident, will spend two weeks of their summer vacation onboard Peace Boat's ship as it travels through Asia"