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Battered Women’s Support Services commemorates Prevention of Violence Against Women Week Iranian Films Fly to 3 Countries
"BWSS has launched an awareness campaign drawing attention on the effects witnessing abuse has on children.  . . bus shelter ads are positioned around the Vancouver, BC. People are invited to share photos of the ads through social media" "The Iranian cinema is a unique one of its type because of its exclusive properties. It is empty from violence, immorality, affronts and insults and discourtesy."
Gobiernos respaldan nuevas funciones para la Comisión de la Mujer A Life Free of Violence Is Our Right!
" Esto consolidará los esfuerzos para incorporar la igualdad de género en todos los debates y medidas mundiales sobre desarrollo sostenible." "In the past ten years UNIFEM has made great strides with the help of the UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women, and to bring this issue to the table of the international community."
Les gouvernements approuvent de nouveaux rôles pour la Commission de la condition de la femme The Nobel Peace Prize for 2011
"Ceci renforcera les initiatives d’intégration de l’égalité des sexes à travers l’ensemble des actions et des débats mondiaux sur le développement durable." " It is the Norwegian Nobel Committee’s hope that the prize to Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee and Tawakkul Karman will help to bring an end to the suppression of women that still occurs in many countries, and to realise the great potential for democracy and peace that women can represent. "
African Women's Journal: African Women in Power/Politics Peace Sculptures by Women in Mexico
"we continue to wrestle with power, make our voices heard and bring about lasting change which can be felt by the coming generations . . . A lutta continua. " "The scuptures were among 20 presented by the artist and FEMU member Glenda Hecksher to a cycle of round tables entitled, War and Peace"
UN Commission on the Status of Women revamps working methods The Day of the Girl Has Come
"This will strengthen efforts to integrate gender equality across all global debates and actions on sustainable development" "a MUST SEE video that embodies what has happened to the young 14 year old girl “Malala” in Pakistan "
U.N. Says Maternal Mortality Rate Has Nearly Halved since 1990 International Women´s Day: Interview With Leymah Gbowee (Liberia)
"More women are giving birth in a health facility, more women and girls are receiving the sexual and reproductive health services they want and need, and more pregnant women are receiving anti-retrovirals to prevent HIV transmission to their babies" "The Liberian women peace movement demonstrated to the world that grassroots movements are essential to sustaining peace; that women in leadership positions are effective brokers for peace; and the importance of culturally relevant social justice movements. "
Women Leaders Call for Mainstreaming Gender Equality in Post-2015 Agenda Advancing Women at the United Nations
"Women leaders from every continent, brought together by U.N. Women and the Chilean government, demanded that gender equality be a cross-cutting target in the post-2015 development agenda" "A warrior culture, promoted daily by mass media, needs to be transformed through socialization and education for peace"
ONU Mujer: Bachelet destacó participación de mujeres en puestos de poder Ani DiFranco: more than just music
"el empoderamiento y los derechos de las mujeres alrededor del mundo . . . y . . . la participación de las mujeres en cargo de liderazgo y garantizar su participación en la toma de decisiones." "Her music is very positive. It makes you want to go out and change the world. Her music itself is really cool."
ICC/Judges - Women at the top at the International Criminal Court A Battered Woman's Shelter: Not what I expected
"This is the first time the ICC has had an all-female leadership" "Hopefully such success stories will allow more shelters to open, since for every woman staying in the shelter there were many more turned away from lack of space."
Una argentina presidirá la Corte Penal Internacional Cuba’s Achievements in the Area of Gender Acknowledged
"Esta es la primera vez que la Corte Penal Internacional ha tenido un liderazgo exclusivamente femenin" "the high level of women’s incorporation to decision-making positions, which she said is significant as compared to the rest of Latin America and even Europe "
La juge Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi élue Présidente de la Cour pénale internationale Plaza de Mayo Grandmothers received Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize at UNESCO Headquarters
"C'est la première fois que la CPI a eu une direction entièrement féminin" "to locate the biological families of children kidnapped during the political repression of the military dictatorship in Argentina. It seeks to ensure that such violations of children’s rights never happen again"
UN Commission on Status of Women: Implementing the Beijing Platform for Action For Nigerian girls, education is the key that opens doors to progress
"Setting a new record this year, more than 1,100 NGOs and a total of 8,600 representatives have registered to participate" "Nigerian girls, like my sisters and I, desire and deserve for our aspirations of becoming valued members of society to be realized. Education is the vehicle towards living this dream."
Comisión de la Condición Jurídica y Social de la Mujer: Implementación de la Plataforma de Acción de Beijing One Billion Rising: Playwright Eve Ensler Organizes Global Day of Dance Against Sexual Abuse
"Este año se ha marcado un nuevo récord: más de 1.100 ONG y un total de 8.600 representantes se han registrado para participar" "we are in this together. We now know that violence against women is a global phenomenon and isn’t particular to culture or to nations or to families, but it’s something all of us are impacted by "
Commission de la condition de la femme: Application du Programme d'Action de Beijing International Seminar for a Culture of Peace: How to Stop Violence against Women [Mexico]
"Un nouveau record a été établi cette année, avec l’inscription de plus de 1100 ONG et de 8600 représentants au total." "There can be no peace in the world without peace between woman and man in the home "
Mobile Technology a Lever for Women’s Empowerment The Thread Project
"Providing women with greater access to mobile technology could increase literacy, advance development and open up much-needed educational and employment opportunities, according to experts at the fourth United Nations’ Mobile Learning Week conference" "The World Cloths are a repository of human experience and goodwill; each thread is spun with the story of the individual who sent it."