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City of São Luís and UNESCO sign partnership for the culture of peace in schools (Brazil) Culture of Peace Advocacy at the UN: Education about Peace Education
"the project 'Peace, how to do it? Sowing a culture of peace in schools' " "With the creation of a Culture of Peace Working Group in Geneva, we are now working together with other NGOs to focus on the Human Right to Peace"
Prefeitura de São Luís e Unesco firmam parceria pela cultura de paz nas escolas (Brasil) Culture of Peace: Interview with Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, ex-Director-General of UNESCO
"o projeto 'Paz, como se faz? Semeando cultura de Paz nas escolas' " "Cultivating a better future is possible and we can do it in a collective way with justice and solidarity through a responsible and creative participatory democracy, based in culture of peace "
Video: How to Jump Start Your War Amahoro Amani: Lasting peace promotion in the Great Lakes
"a satirical look at the four similar deceptive protocols used to start each of the last four big international wars: World War Two, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq " "By the end of 2007, 420 community mediators aged between fifteen and twenty-five will have been trained in how to take action in their communities to prevent, mediate, and resolve conflicts peacefully."
UN chief teams up with global leaders, celebrities to get all children into school by 2015 Gathering the Pieces of Peace
"No child should be denied an education because his or her country is at war. No child should be targeted for violence because she or he wants to exercise the fundamental right to education " "I thought the best way to reach people was using the internet so I created a site ... with the aim to connect the web sites to each other that support world peace. "
FARC-EP and Colombia Government advance in their peace accords To desire freedom is an instinct
"The issue of illicit drugs is the third issue of their six-point agenda . The FARC-EP and the Government have already arrived to partial agreements related to agricultural development and political participation . " "one of my literary projects that are committed to building understanding, tolerance, and Peace initiative in Nigeria"
FARC-EP y Gobierno colombiano avanzan en acuerdos para la paz Peace Song from Hiroshima to the World
"La cuestión de las drogas ilícitas es el tercer tema en tratarse de una agenda de seis puntos. Las FARC- EP y el Gobierno han arribado a acuerdos parciales relacionados con el desarrollo agrario y la participación política. " "I began to promote this song through the Internet as one of iEARN( International Education and Resource Network) projects."
UNESCO/ASPnet training on social cohesion begins Her Name Is Jody Williams, a Book Review
"raining workshop for the promotion of intercultural dialogue, social cohesion and a culture of peace and non-violence " "A Vermont Girl's Winding Path to the Nobel Peace Prize "
Bridging the gap- -International documentary film festival Celebrating King, creating peace
"UNAFF celebrates the power of films dealing with human rights, environmental themes, population, migration, women's issues, refugees, homelessness, racism, health, universal education, war and peace. " "training sessions for Creating a Culture of Peace, a national program founded by Janet Chisholm, a former chair of the Episcopal Peace Fellowship "
Johan Galtung: The Fall of the US Empire Oceanside woman promotes peace through murals (US)
"Although the American empire is destined to collapse, the country can survive as a republic, especially if it follows his advice to work at the local municipal level instead of relying on Washington " "Across the country, people horrified and heartbroken by the school shooting in Connecticut have channeled their sympathy in myriad ways "
Presidente colombiano reactivará la Comisión Nacional de Paz Advocating for UPEACE at the UN
"revivirá la Comisión Nacional de Paz, creada en la década de 1990, que busca promover la cultura de paz y respaldar los diálogos entre el Gobierno y la guerrilla de las FARC-EP. " "The UPEACE alumni advocacy team met with 30 UN missions, 10 UN agencies, and 7 NGOs. The project was highlighted by two events, each with over 100 individuals in attendance. "
Rap for Peace in the Great Lakes Region of Africa The Peace Gong Article- and Poster-making competition on Peace
"A declaration of peace . . . signed en masse . . . Our generation has not known peace. This must change. We sing for peace because it is our only hope. " "The aim of the competition is to promote critical thinking abilities amongst children on non-violent methods of resolving conflicts; understand the causes and impact of conflicts in their own communities and how resolution of these conflicts leads to a culture of peace "
Le rap au secours de la paix dans les Grands Lacs d’Afrique Peace through Art
"Une déclaration de paix a été . . . signée en masse . . . Notre génération n’a pas connu la paix. Cela doit changer. Nous chantons la paix car elle est notre seul espoir. " "the children of the world, our next generation ... have proven, though Art Miles, that they have the capacity to make progress in the global movement for a culture of peace. "
Interview with Ms. Cecile Guidote-Alvarez Director, UNESCO DREAM Center, Philippines Creating the Future We Want: 2012 International Essay Contest for Young People
"Theatre is also an anchor that can help participants and audience grow in the appreciation of indigenous heritage and traditional values that must not be laid aside but reconciled with technological advances. It is an antidote to forgetfulness. " "This annual essay contest is organized by The Goi Peace Foundation and UNESCO in an effort to harness the energy, imagination and initiative of the world's youth in promoting a culture of peace and sustainable development "
Nicaragua: "Being a teacher is a career that I fell in love with" Bob Marley documentary approved by family of reggae legend
"The Latin America Regional Committee of Education International is in the process of building up a Latin American Pedagogical Movement that aims to take the concept of quality education to the classroom " "the messages of peace and justice hidden within his songs, transcend borders "
Where in the World to Study Peace Education? Help us Build a Global Directory Federico Mayor: Introduction to the Culture of Peace
"a survey to inventory programs, courses, and workshops in peace education " "During the twelve years he spent as head of UNESCO (1987-1999), Professor Mayor Zaragoza gave new momentum to the Organization's mission, "to build the bastions of peace in the minds of men". "