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Bloodstone's New Album: Culture of Peace Music
un article par CPNN

Video: Bloodstone: Spread some love

At CPNN we have received the following message from Crayge Lindesay: "I just released a NEW VIDEO by the legendary group BLOODSTONE promoting love and peace"

click on photo to enlarge

And after listening a few times to the video, we are totally convinced that this is culture of peace music! Listen and you will be convinced as well.

Wanting to know more about Crayge and the Bloodstones, we turned to a recent article by Dave Thorley in Soul News.

"New Album From Bloodstone - Fly Away ! return to the harmony laiden style of yester year, After a few years away from the recording scene, the group have returned with a great new LP. Produced by hometown boy Crayge Lindesay, this is a nice return to the harmony laiden style of yester year, but with a contemporary twist, thanks to Crayge."

Thorley describes how Bloodstone originated as a high school doo- wop group called The Sinceres, formed in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1962. After moving to Los Angeles they changed their name from The Sinceres to Bloodstone. Later the group traveled to London, England where they achieved a recording contract with Decca Records.

"Bloodstone was instrumental in the "black rock" and funk movement of the 1970s, and even had a hand in the brown-eyed soul movement with some Latin music-tinged hits. Bloodstone performed with Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Elton John, and The Impressions. Their 1973 album Natural High, produced by Mike Vernon, sold over one million copies . . . "

"They continue to tour and perform to this day with original members Charles McCormick, Charles Love, Harry Williams and newer member Donald Brown."


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Here is a space to discuss your favorite music for peace, and how it can be found on the Internet

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Bloodstone's New Album: Culture of Peace Music

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