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Ani DiFranco: more than just music
an article by Leah Levine

I love Ani Difranco. So should you. This is why:

1. She's an independant. This means she isn't signed to some corporate record label, she started her own

2. She advocates for democracy.

3. She advocates for the environment.

4. Her music is very feminist.

5.She rejects violence in all ways.

6. Her music is very positive. It makes you want to go out and change the world.

7. Her music itself is really cool.

8. She donates a lot of the money she makes to charity.

9. She has about 15 albums and they are all different and special and they keep getting better. Anyone could like her music because it includes so many different styles.

What this all boils down to is that she rocks. So go check out her website:

Click here for the words of Serpentine, one of my favorite Ani songs.


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This report was posted on July 26, 2003.