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Harvard Joins Principles for Responsible Investment A Great Green Wall Across the African Continent
"Sustainable investment is one of the world’s fastest-growing investment trends " "the great breadth of this enterprise illustrates the motivation of the populations concerned: to regain the right to live in dignity through solidarity "
The First World Time-Bank The Nobel Peace Prize to Mohamed Yunus and the people of Bangladesh
"This nonprofit organization manages an alternative exchange that is gaining more and more users worldwide, fostering social relationships and equality. " "In his Nobel Prize speech, Yunus offered a new dream for today's youth, inviting them to become a new kind of entrepreneur that 'can change the character of capitalism radically.'"
Se créo el primer banco mundial del tiempo Occupy Wall Street: A "Work of Art"
"Actualmente, los bancos de tiempo funcionan en muchos países y permiten cubrir necesidades fomentando la cooperación y la igualdad de sus participantes. " "what moved me even more was the respect, the way people listened to each other and honored and appreciated each other. "
National Geographic rates the Abraham Path the #1 New Walking Trail in the World! Reflection on the Life of Wangari Maathai
"a path of discovery and human connection for the ages, a genuine beacon of hope for a better and kinder world " "Her Nobel prize speech conveys her pride in African women’s resilience; her emphasis on justice, integrity and trust; the contribution of tree-planting to promoting a culture of peace; the need to preserve both local biodiversity and cultural diversity."
Global Day of Action on Military Spending A Call from Africa for Sustainable Tourism: the Lusaka Declaration
" Send us details of your plans and we will post them in the world map of GDAMS actions. " "The Lusaka Declaration on Sustainable Tourism Development, Climate Change and Peace was unanimously adopted by the fifth African Conference of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism"
Día Mundial de Acción Contra el Gasto Militar Fourth African Conference of International Institute of Peace through Tourism
"enviarnos vuestros proyectos y los colgaremos en el mapa muncial de acciones del GDAMS " "More than 400 delegates from 33 countries participated in the conference sharing their experiences, ideas, wisdom and commitments."
Journée Mondiale d'Action sur les Dépenses Militaire Book Review of The Real Wealth of Nations
"Tenez-nous au courant des détails de vos projets et nous les publierons dans la « carte du monde » des actions du GDAMS " "Eisler contributes by promoting a "new economics" and by recognizing the recent efforts by a number of economists to include measures of household work as an important part of a nation's economic output."
Oxfam agrees with IMF on 'Redistribution, Inequality, and Growth' Eco-Citizen Programme : Urban Agriculture for Vulnerable Youth
"the paper finds extreme income inequality harmful for the pace and sustainability of economic growth. It also makes the case that redistribution efforts – including progressive taxation tax and spending on health and education – are pro-growth " "planting of vegetable gardens and medicinal herbs ... awakens new interests and perspectives for the youth"
These Four Cities Are Making Youth Empowerment a Priority Event to Benefit Water for Life
" examples from Jakarta, Lagos, Rio de Janeiro, and Bangalore demonstrate how a caring mentor, a specialized school, or a skills training program can empower youth to transform their lives " "In the Zen lounge, surfers went wild with Spoken Gun's performance."
Big Win for Species at Risk (Canada) The Law of Mother Earth: Behind Bolivia’s Historic Bill
"Sierra Club BC is celebrating this week after winning in court against the federal government over its failure to protect endangered species. " "Mother Earth is a living dynamic system made up of the undivided community of all living beings, who are all interconnected, interdependent and complementary, sharing a common destiny"
Should Human Welfare Trump Wildlife? Worldwide Video Gaming for Clean Water
" a growing uneasiness among some conservation biologists about the direction of the conservation movement as . . . human expansion seems to be having a devastating effect on almost every species and landscape on the planet—via habitat destruction, poaching, bush-meat hunting, pollution, and climate change. " "it engages you in critical environmental problems now faced by hundreds of millions worldwide."
International Institute for Peace through Tourism: Collaborating Universities The World Social Forum prepares for Rio + 20
"Students may consider any other topic area for a case study that is of particular interest as long as it is related to the theme “Building a Culture of Peace through Tourism.” " "social movements should organise a strong presence at the 2012 conference, to forge an alliance with the Brazilian government with a view to changing the way the environment and development are thought about"
Fund invests in Kenya forest project, boosts UN scheme Environmental Sustainability as a Tool for Peace Building
"latest sign of growing private sector investment into projects underlying the U.N.'s Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) mechanism " "A pollution prevention initiative called "Operation Clean the Nation" in The Gambia has brought together people from communities of various ethnic groups for the joint cause of ensuring a clean environment. "
Governments commit to tackling wildlife crime in major declaration Program of Socio-economic Training and Job Placement for Young Ex-Soldiers in North Kivu
"The world has never before rallied together to stop wildlife crime like they did this week in London. " "Barzas have been created by PEREXC for youth in the city of Butembo since January 2008. A barza is a village-based, inter-communal forum for conflict resolution, based on African traditional rituals of reconciliation and non-violent settlement of local conflicts."
Hershey Says It Will Meet or Exceed All 2015 Sustainability Targets The Eco Citizen project: Cultivate plants, Cultivate peace
"Our commitment to citizenship is fundamental to our business strategy " "The garden is an alternative space for therapy, learning and human relations. "