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Opening of the Exhibition 'Five Ways to Construct Peace'
an article by Europa Press

Santander (Spain): The NGO Movement for Peace-MPDL has inaugurated the exhibition ' Five Ways to Construct Peace' which teaches the principles and values of the culture of peace, peaceful resolution of conflicts, and social participation.


According to the press release of the Movement for Peace-MPDL, the exhibition can be visited at Municipal Center of Immigration and Cooperation for Development (CMICAD) of Santander until the 4th of November. The hours are from 9:00 to 13:30 and from 17:00 to 19:00 Monday through Friday.

The exhibition has been elaborated with the participation of more than a dozen associations, collaborating in the participative construction of proposals for peaceful conflict resolution through education for development: sustainable development, equality of women and men, the fight against the poverty, respect for cultural diversity, and respect for human rights.

The Movement for Peace believes that "Peace is not just the absence of war", and for this reason the organization works to identify and analyze different types of violence present in the society.

The exhibition is part of the project 'Cantabrian Network for Peace, an initiative financed by the Government of Cantabria, in which different groups participate in a cooperative way through teaching, mass media, etc.

(Click here for a Spanish version of this article)


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How can we produce positive peace events, that open peoples hearts as well as their minds?

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This report was posted on October 31, 2011.