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UNESCO Mexico inaugurates Diploma in Culture of Peace and Intercultural Relations
an article by Social Comunication by the State of Chiapas.

The academic program designed for the educational community in the area of Chiapas Chol and Tzeltal, is part of the joint program with the United Nations for a Culture of Peace. The Diploma in Culture of Peace and Intercultural Relations, will be taught by the UNESCO Office in Mexico in collaboration with the Universidad Iberoamericana and supported by the Ministries of Education and the federal state of Chiapas, in the framework of the joint program for a culture of peace implemented by four UN agencies in Chiapas.

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The opening ceremony was chaired by Oscar Torrens, the Joint Program Coordinator for a Culture of Peace, representing Katherine Grigsby, Director of the UNESCO Office in Mexico. During the event, Oscar Torrens explained that this diploma aims to promote the training, development and strengthening of the responsibility for peace and citizenship values, so that teachers can encourage, within the school environment and community living environments, respect for diversity, dialogue, equity and nonviolent conflict resolution.

He recalled the role of UNESCO to strengthen the culture of peace through education, as well as the role of teachers in strengthening this culture throughout the educational community.

The Joint Program Coordinator for a Culture of Peace said that this program will support the construction of a network to allow professional dialogue between teachers and support to promote the processes of restructuring and social cohesion within their communities.

The curriculum of the course, he said, was developed and will be taught by the Universidad Iberoamericana under the coordination of Dr. Sylvia Schmelkes, who received in 2008 the Comenius Medal awarded jointly by UNESCO and the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic.

For her part, Dr. Magda Jan, Advisor to the Secretary of Education of Chiapas, agreed that this tool will strengthen conceptual and methodological skills of teachers for the proper analysis, review and good practice on culture of peace through intercultural education and values, promoting school participation and the safeguarding of the indigenous language.

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What do you think of this curriculum for training peace educators?,

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Latest reader comment:

The Campus Peace Educators Training Program (Abuja, Nigeria, May 2007) shall cover the following curriculum :

- Introduction to Integrated Campus Peace Education (Campus Peace Keeping, Campus Peace Making and Campus Peace Building Techniques)

- Universal Principles for Peace

- Human Development and Character Education

- Campus Conflict and Violence

- Fundamental Principles of Campus Peace Education

- Educating for Peace on Campus

- Principles and Techniques of Campus Conflict Resolution

- Teaching Methods and Principles

- Programs and Policies for Campus Peace (UN Peace Day, Campus Peace Day, etc)

This report was posted on October 6, 2012.