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'A Candle' A song to give peace a chance
an article by Jose Luis Sepulveda

I am a social artist that belongs to the New Song Movement (Latin folk). As an observer of life I wrote “A Candle” due to the turbulent years of this millennium. This song is a call for understanding and rejection of war, racism and violence. I know what violence is I grew up with it, my family was affect by it.

The song is long, however I believe that the details showcase current life issues, and I do stick to my believes as many of my brothers of the New Song Movement and Folk music do. It is better to make songs that will achieve better societies, even if it is not a profitable as commercial music.

It will be great to share more good social messages with other musicians, but for now I’ll give my song “A Candle” - A song to give peace some hope.

You can download the song by using the following link:

Or alternative you can find a link in my web site:

Thank you for reading and listening to “A Candle”. And be free to use the song for any peace and understanding projects you have – no need to contact me for it!

When evil reigns:
Light a candle
From the Inner flames
Within your soul


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This report was posted on February 8, 2007.