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Morocco: Children from around the world come together for peace; The 8th edition of the International Festival of Children's Folklore
an article by Libération, Maroc (abridged)

The eighth edition of the International Folklore Festival of the Child (FIFE) will be held from August 17 to 24 current, under the leadership of the Bouregreg Association, on the theme "Children of Peace". The event, to be held under the Honorary Presidency of Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Meryem, is, as usual, a quintessential celebration of traditional dances of the 25 invited countries: Libya, Palestine, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Slovenia, Mexico, United States of America, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, France, Serbia, Poland, Belarus, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Congo - Brazzaville, Venezuela, and, obviously, Morocco with the participation of several folk groups, including a large delegation from the southern provinces.

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The objective of this event, which involves 500 children from the Arab and Muslim world, Europe, Asia, America and for the first time, Africa is, according the organizers, to spread the culture of peace and coexistence and to create entertainment spaces for the people of Rabat, Salé, Tangier and Temara. And to create a place for meetings and exchanges between children from all continents, different religions and cultures, so that they can adopt a culture of peace and tolerance. According to the same source, these children will be invited to experience the culture, traditions and civilization of Morocco, visiting many historical monuments, including the Mausoleum of Mohammed V in Rabat and the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

This festival, is growing with each edition with the collaboration of different partners of the Bouregreg Association. It attracts a large audience of young and old, to appreciate international folk dances, performed by children from different backgrounds. . .

Performances will be held every day from August 19 to 23, from 21 hours, to the corniche of Tangier, the beach of Saint- Germain in Temara and the Mahaj Ryad at Rabat.

It should be noted that the delegations to this event will be received by the Head of Government, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Minister of Social Development, Women, Family and Solidarity, the Wali of the region Tangier- Tetouan, Salé governors and Témara- Skhirat, president of the urban district of Sale, and others.

In addition, a special tribute will be paid to Rinat Habib Allah, choreographer renowned for 50 years and creator of dance schools. He is also president of the International Federation of the Children's Folklore in Moscow.

(Click here for a French version of this article)


Question(s) related to this article:

Do the arts create a basis for a culture of peace?, What is, or should be, their role in our movement?

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Latest reader comment:

Yes, the arts do create a basis for a culture of peace.
The question I would raise is where are the visual artists who have produced a Guernica like painting of Felluja? Paintings last longer than photographs which are too often fleeting.
Do the poets against the war meet annually?
I caught a bit of an interesting tv show which featured world class artists such as Wole Soyinka speaking in Israel/Palestine about ways to further the peace movement there. Did anyone else see the entire show?
I hope a local Peace Day could emulate the UN opening ceremony .

This report was posted on August 15, 2014.