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'Building a Culture of Peace for my Community' (Dominican Republic)
an article by Gloria Polanco, El Nuevo Diario

The National Network of Community Services Incorporated (RENASERC), with support from the Ministry of Education, successfully completed the project "Constructing a Culture of Peace in my Community" which was held at the La Flor de El Café in Herrera.

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The activity is intended to help stimulate the development of "on-ground" experiences of cooperation which allow organizations of the educational system to adhere to innovative training actions.

The acting President of RENASERC, Rosa Mena de Vargas reported that the activity developed in several stages, the first being a collection of information, such as diagnostics to measure levels of education, overcrowding, employment, violent behavior, among other indicators.

She said they selected 33 families for a total of 100, and that in the second stage they trained around 69 leaders to assume the role of multipliers with peers for conflict resolution, promotion of culture of peace and positive discipline, while a third stage involved developed their capacities and and elected a local management team.

In addition, they included a camp for children and adolescents, to promote actions for peace and harmony through recreational activities and puppet theater, identifying high levels of violence in language and daily treatment. For this, about 102 parents and mothers requested the participation of their sons and daughters, of whom 110 children were selected as beneficiaries for a three day session.

Also, during the closing cycle leaders were graduated and the work of children was shared with the families involved, culminating in a peace walk.

"We highlight, finally, that the development of this process can serve a pilot for further projects. In every moment we found enthusiasm and interest to continue with this type of project, which according to the testimony of the local people, can serve to raise integration and security for the community."

The activity was held in the presence of President founder, Antonio Vargas Hernandez, government officials, legislators, among others.

(Click here for a Spanish version of this article)


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Latest reader comment:

Community plays a important role in developing culture peace. We should promote our cultural values by interacting with each other and making these values part of our daily lives. A good example of this would be raising our children according to beliefs and values which are important for us and our cultural peace. We can also promote cultural peace by making small commuinties within big community and share different ideas and bring new ones in.

This report was posted on August 16, 2013.