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The Muslim community in Burkina says no to the fundamentalism of the Youth Muslim Associations
an article by El Hadj Adama Sakandé, Le Faso

"On Sunday, 30 December 2012, a delegation of the Muslim community in Burkina Faso went to the Archbishop of Ouagadougou for a courtesy call on the authorities of the Catholic Church.

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Following this visit, the youth belong to the "Youth Islamic associations" went to the Grand Imam and expressed their dissatisfaction on the pretext that "they have their religion and we have ours."

In order to promote Christian-Muslim dialogue to maintain peace in our country, Catholic and Muslim authorities have initiated these courtesy visits and exchanges. This is something essential if we observe what is happening elsewhere. The Holy Quran, the word of God is full of verses that encourage us to do this.

In Surat, verse 46, God says: "Do not argue with the People of the Book except in a courteous way, or else you are both in bad faith." Tell them: "We believe in what was revealed to us as what was revealed to you, our God is the same as yours, and we are fully submitted to Him." In other words, share in the most beautiful way with the people of the Gospel and the Torah except for those among them who are not true to their faith.

Also, the Muslim community in Burkina Faso, by this statement, wishes to reaffirm its commitment to promoting peace among different communities and especially to reassure each other that our community is and will remain just, peaceful and tolerant.

True to this, we will continue to promote peaceful coexistence between the followers of different faiths. We will continue the initiatives for dialogue with leaders of other religions for peace and development of our country.

The youth who are educated and aware have never been involved or even close to the intolerable recent demonstration against the Grand Imam of Ouagadougou. That event was organized and orchestrated by rogue Muslims who, for some time now, have tried by all means to infiltrate our community to deviate from his line and lead our youth astray from tolerance and culture of peace.

Fortunately, this attempt has once again failed. They found that the young people, aware and educated religiously, told them again that disorder, contempt and hatred will not engage us to disturb the peace in Burkina Faso. Our youth has once again distinguished itself completely from the movement called "Youth Islamic associations" who are youth and their manipulators known for their intolerance and their desire to create discord between religious communities.

May Allah, Merciful in essence, par excellence, help Burkina Faso so that our Muslim youth continue to resist the provocative and aggressive advocates. May Allah protect us from the ravages of religious intolerance.

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Latest reader comment:

As often occurs, in the Sahara-Sahel, in the face of the terrible violence of religious extremists in Mali, there is a dialectic so that the more the violence, the more the demand for a culture of peace.

This report was posted on February 3, 2013.