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An adventure in Kathmandu and Salta: Experiences of young people volunteering abroad
un article par Ana Afonso, CEIPES

"Across continents" is a European Voluntary Service project funded with the support of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union and aimed to mainstream human rights in voluntary work, to promote and protect human rights worldwide and to encourage active participation through volunteering.

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The 12 volunteers from Italy, Netherlands, Spain and France have been since 3 months in Kathmandu (Nepal), Bogotà (Colombia) and Mendoza and Salta (Argentina). They work with local youth and children developing various activities related to human rights, social justice and non-discrimination. Some volunteers who are working in Nepal and Argentina shared with us their experience and thoughts.

Mario, the Italian volunteer who is working in Salta, Argentina wrote: "I remember the great surprise some guys had in the Colegio San Antonio when I told them that I was there thanks to an international project of cooperation. They didn't know that it could exist a possibility like that and many of them asked me lots of questions about my country, my experience and my life, trying to understand how that morning my presence in their class was possible, and eventually lots of them expressed the desire to find a way to realize the same choice. It would be nice if tomorrow one of them could have the same chance I had of traveling in other parts of the world through such a project of interchange, as it could be an excellent way to better understand the other cultures and the respective differences, learning how to accept them."

Joryck from France who is working in Nepal remembers: "When I arrived in Nepal everything was new: a huge town, polluted environment, and full of people, religious things everywhere and new food and accommodation. But day by day I learned more and more about this type of life and its real pleasure to go out every day because every day is not the same, one day you work in school, another one you work in an orphanage, and when you are in weekend it’s just beautiful what you can find around Kathmandu."

Lisa from Netherlands, who is also working in Nepal says: "We work in a school for disabled children, where we show the students their possibilities. By making art, music, playing, teaching and talking, we try to let them not see their lacks but their changes and opportunities. In the orphanage we show what respect is, and how the children can play fair without violence. The children are not used to this and I think we inspire them to create a more peaceful, non-violate environment."

For more, take a look at volunteers blogs!!


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Is there a new international generation of human rights activism?,

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Commentaire le plus récent:

CPNN has been enriched over the years by the young human rights activists who take part in the Annual UNESCO International Leadership Forum.  This is truly the hope for our future!

Cet article a été mis en ligne le September 4, 2012.