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Paul’s Peace Pole
un article par Joanne Tawfilis

The World Peace Prayer Society ( ) has been a positive and stable element in support of the UNESCO Decade for the Culture of Peace. They also facilitate The Peace Pole Project (

A Peace Pole acts as a silent prayer and message (May Peace Prevail On Earth) for peace on Earth and there are hundreds of them now “planted” into Mother Earth in many countries.

Recently, while planning the Gandhi Peace Parade in West Hollywood, California, one of San Diego’s most well known painters and sculptors, Paul Vauchelet, became involved in both the parade and the Peace Pole Project and was inspired to create a Peace Pole that is truly awesome. All of the UN’s official languages UN (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Japanese) are portrayed on the Peace Pole, and because of the situations in the world, Hebrew and Farsi are also included.

Paul’s Peace Pole is made of metal and through his talent and passion he ensured that when wind passes through the prayers and symbols of the pole (cut outs), they make beautiful sounds, as if whispering the prayer that floats out among the universe.

The Peace Pole was dedicated in Plummer Park by Steve Nakada, founder of the UN Peace Bell Foundation with Mayor Heilman from West Hollywood, accepting. However, the most profound memory I have of this ceremony was the diversity of the people who witnessed the event in the park that live in harmony in that area and come from over 50 countries. To see more of Paul’s work go to:

May Peace Prevail On Earth!


Question(s) liée(s) à cet article:

Can Peace Poles work?,

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Commentaire le plus récent:

Yes Virginia Peace Poles work! Are they the complete answer to world peace? No of course not, however they are a wonderful building block for a foundation to build world peace on.  They provide a constant visual reminder to everyone that sees one.  Quietly but constantly making people think about the possibility of world peace and how nice it would be.  G.B. Shaw said:
[/QUOTE][QUOTE]Imagination is the begining of creation, you imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine; and at last you create what you will

When you stop to think about it it makes sense.  200,000 peace poles around the world daily viewed by how many millions?  Every one desiring/imagining/willing world peace!  That is truly a significant foundation block.  
The Peace Poles have a kind of magic as well.  Everyone trats them with a kind of reverence. . ... continuation.

Cet article a été mis en ligne le January 14, 2007.