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Shades, an Anti-war Play, Opens to Rave Reviews in Los Angeles
un article par CPNN

CPNN readers are urged to spread the word to friends in Southern California about the play Shades, which has opened at the Los Angeles Theatre Center. As the following reviews indicate, it is a powerful anti- war play.

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LifeinLA: "Paula J. Caplan’s Shades at the Los Angeles Theatre Center honestly and compassionately brings the subject of war and conflict to the stage as it highlights its effects on modern families and friends of veterans--not to mention the effect war has on the soldiers themselves. . . . It is a play I suggest everyone experience, it will leave you with thought provoking questions, if not empathy for the victims of a culture built on war."

Bob Reese: “This is a powerful anti-war statement about the long range adverse effects of a war based foreign policy, the ongoing necessity of dishonesty in order to sustain such policy, and its effects on a family. The play also covers such topics as suicide, family dynamics, and feminism with an uncommon depth; and all of this in one act. _Shades_ may well be the best serious play so far in the 21st century.”

Tori Allah: "We were thoroughly dumbstruck. It was overhwhelming. There was a layering. We talked about it for days afterward. I want there to be a Part Two."

Leah Hanes: "SHADES was spectacular! I completely enjoyed it. The cast was engaging and believable in their roles. The script was incredible. The cast brought the stories to life in a way that had me laughing and crying without warning. I am going to see it again this weekend. Thank you for the sensitive way you approach the unapproachable."

Marsie: "...a beautiful, important play. I attended the Sunday matinee, and I’m still thinking about it.I was completely absorbed by the dialogue, the characters, and the circumstances of their lives, as well as the important issues about war, family, love, and death that the play addresses. I thought the actors were doing a great job, and the production values, set music, video, etc. enhanced the text."

The Los Angeles Theatre Center is located on 514 S. Spring St, Los Angeles, California. To reserve tickets contact (866) 811-4111 or go to for online ticketing. Shades opened on Saturday, April 13th 2013 and runs through May 5th


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The theatre, How can it contribute to the culture of peace?,

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Commentaire le plus récent:

(Pour la version originale en Français, voir ci-dessous)

The actor lives between two worlds, one of which is his proper existence and the other, the world of fiction where he takes on the role of his character. He seems to have one foot on each of them while his head collects, combines, mixes, synthesizes and puts together the emotions that are translated and expressed by body and voice.

We get it directly, it is "in our face" with no escape possible!  The richness of this mixture "reality/fiction" allows the artist to enter into us through hidden doors.

Using texts with humor and irony, the actor passes messages to which our minds would otherwise be deaf!  He affects us, challenges us, plays with us,  provokes us, making our attention an accomplice of what he has to say.

The direct contact and proximity, sometimes intimate, between stage and audience send us messages that we hear, questions that provoke us to transferring images to our daily experience, our reality, to "real life"!

Thus we are pushed and shaken from calm to storm, from injustice to anger, from hatred to solidarity,  from indifference to empathy in the face of violence.

Actors are in the public service. They are "Public Friends Number One!" They are chroniclers, "troublemakers,"  breakers of habit, forcing us to think things through.

The culture of peace needs the oxygen of this youthful spirit! ,  I believe that art in general, with its playfulness, has the power to awaken us. It is an excellent support to the promotion of the Culture of Peace.

I love the theater, it is a space of freedom where actors can transmit an energy drawn from the conviction of what they say. . ... continuation.

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