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Mandela Day 2014: how will you be an ethical leader? From A Culture of War to A Culture of Peace in Malaysia
"Mandela wanted the next generation to take on the struggle against injustice, saying: ‘It is in your hands now.”" "In the wake of the government crackdown, over the last week, of the legitimate rights of the Malaysian people to peacefully demonstrate, a Bersih 2.0 Global Solidarity Network has sprung up"
3,500 people take part in the diagnosis stage of participatory budgeting in La Serena, Chile. Culture of Peace in Hamilton, Ontario
"this allows the municipality to generate more inclusive processes of residents in decision-making, and it ensures that the work of our city authorities is more attuned to what the public expects" "We in the Hamilton Culture of Peace Network are putting together a history of our accomplishments from April 2000 to now - a list of evidence that Hamilton is moving toward a Culture of Peace"
3.500 personas participaron en etapa de diagnóstico del Programa Presupuesto Participativo [La Serena, Chile] International Peace and Non-Violence Fortnight Celebration in Orissa (India)
"esto hace que la municipalidad pueda generar procesos de mayor inclusión de los vecinos en la toma de decisiones y hace que el trabajo que hacen nuestros dirigentes esté también en mayor sintonía con lo que la ciudadanía organizada espera de sus dirigentes" "when we understand the fierce preparation of countries for wars it has become inevitable to work for peace . . . peace and development are complementary. "
The municipality of Alcoutim, Portugal, launches Participatory Budgeting Shukran, Mister President, Thank you!
"This measure encourages active citizenship by promoting the participation and involvement of citizens in the dynamics of governance and prioritization of investments" "What are the real threats to the Arab revolutions? Danger, or progress? In developing a democratic system can we convert and integrate those who are ' undemocratic''? "
Alcoutim lança Orçamento Participativo Municipal [Portugal] Global Youth Service Day in Trinidad and Tobago - 2007
"Esta medida incentiva a cidadania ativa, promovendo a participação e envolvimento dos munícipes nas dinâmicas de governação e na definição de prioridades " "The event was organised by the International Education and Resource Network, Trinidad and Tobago. It was entitled 'Creating holistic communities through peace education'"
Participatory Budget 2014: Sunday will be the vote [Trenque, Argentina] 2nd Guwahati International Music Fest to establish city in global music circuit
"In all there are nine interesting alternatives that the citizens of Trenque Lauquen can choose from according to what they consider most necessary for the community" "Given the present socio-political turmoil in the State of Assam, the GIMF comes at the right time as the theme for this year’s edition is peace "
Presupuesto Participativo 2014: el domingo será la votación [Trenque, Argentina] Ghana: Most Rev. Prof Asante: I have a dream for peace
"En total son nueve las interesantes alternativas que los trenquelauquenses podrán elegir de acuerdo a lo que se considere necesario para la comunidad." "he was presented with the 2014 US Embassy Martin Luther King Jr. Award for Peace and Social Justice. . . .the award recognises Ghanaian citizens who imitate the view and actions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr by helping to build a culture of peace, dialogue and conflict resolution "
Computerized voting system for Participatory Budgeting in Ubatuba, Brazil New Haven (US) Votes to Cut Military Budget and Fund Human Needs
"We will make the system available on the Web to enable all citizens of Ubatuba to participate in the process from their home, work or community. " "New Haven has long been in forefront of the struggle for a culture of peace "
Sistema informatizado de votação para Orçamento Participativo é destaque em Ubatuba, Brasil Summit Conferences in Havana and New York
"Vamos disponibilizar o sistema na Web para possibilitar que todos os ubatubenses participem do processo também de sua casa, trabalho ou comunidade." "Both summits supported peace, but the Non-Aligned Summit was more explicit. "
Participatory Budgeting for Youth in Rosario, Argentina Model United Nations - Peace Building With Youth
"projects designed by young people, allowing them to experience the practice of a form of democracy that involves direct participation in the decisions and actions of city management" "This process allows students to resolve issues based on their research, creativity, and problem-solving abilities, utilizing doctrines such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Charter, and Millennium Goals. "
Presupuesto Participativo Joven – Rosario, Argentina Nobel Laureates Close Summit with Appeal to World’s Youth
"los proyectos diseñados por los jóvenes, permitiéndoles vivenciar la práctica de una forma de la democracia que implica la participación directa en las decisiones y acciones de gestión" "those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war. "
Paraná, Argentina: residents will vote on proposals to implement through the Participatory Budgeting Process Sixth Summit of Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures of Peace
"11 projects have been submitted for a vote in the four topics: street and road improvement, enhancement of green spaces, street lighting and water or sewer improvement" "the highest level gathering of national peace ministries in the history of the organization "
Paraná, Argentina: vecinos votaron las propuestas para ejecutar a través del Presupuesto Participativo Extreme Poverty is Violence – Breaking the Silence – Searching for Peace
"hubo 11 iniciativas de proyectos sujetos a votación, en las cuatro temáticas: trama vial, puesta en valor de espacios verdes, alumbrado urbano y saneamiento en obras de agua o de cloaca" "a three year international participatory action research project led by the International Movement ATD Fourth World . . . culminated in a colloquium held at UNESCO House. "
Inter-Parliamentary Union to mark 125 years of global parliamentary action on peace and democracy Growing a Culture of Peace in Eugene (Oregon, U.S.)
"A formal anniversary event was held in Geneva with the UN which looked at how IPU has helped shape a radically different world where peace, human rights, equality and human development underpin a desire for greater democracy" "Reading through our newsletters for all the events of the last six months, I was impressed with how much had happened in such a short time "
Union Interparlementaire célèbre 125 années d’action parlementaire internationale au service de la paix et de la démocratie Moving towards the culture of peace and non-violence in Democratic Republic of Congo
"Une célébration officielle a été organisée à Genève avec l’Organisation des Nations Unies. . . comment l’UIP a contribué à façonner un monde radicalement différent, dans lequel la paix, les droits de l’homme, l’égalité et le développement humain vont de pair avec un désir de démocratie accrue " "For the very first time in the history of the Democratic Republic of Congo, we held free and democratic elections in 2006"