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United States: News and Press Freedom Organizations Stand Up for Real Net Neutrality Coastal Flood Potential - Will It Force Redefining of "Defense"?
"This filing highlights how crucial the open Internet is for news organizations to thrive and for people to access the information they need" "We could de-salinate the sea water and use it to make forests in the deserts and other regions that need water ... To do this, we must restructure our engineering and industrial priorities from war to peace. "
Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi win Nobel Peace Prize WikiLeaks: The Latin America Files
"for their struggle against the suppression of children and young people and for the right of all children to education" "Information is power. . . What we citizens of the Western Hemisphere do with that power will become the ultimate legacy of the WikiLeaks experience. "
Honouring Gandhi’s legacy, Deputy Secretary-General reaffirms power of peaceful protest Peace Demonstrations around the World
"The International Day, marked annually on Mr. Gandhi’s birthday, celebrates his non-violent philosophy and tactics have been adopted by leaders around the world." "There were peace demonstrations around the world on September 27, but because of the American mass media, Americans will know less about them than people in the rest of the world. As far as I could tell, the news was not carried on US television and in most newspapers."
Israeli Defense Forces intelligence veterans refuse to operate in ‘occupied Palestine’ - open letter The Gacaca: Rwanda's Bold Experiment in Reconciliation
"They explained that it is a decision based on conscience and a realization that continuing to carry out their duties effectively robs millions of their human rights. " "We need to follow the course of the gacaca over the next few years to see if we can learn about justice from the African people and their traditions."
Women's empowerment: learning, labour and leadership. The Colonel Who Saved the Earth
"Christine Lagarde . . . the first woman to head the International Monetary Fund (IMF) . . . calls for opening the door to women’s learning, labour and leadership in the economy." "Had Petrov cracked and triggered a response, Soviet missiles would have rained down on U.S. cities"
Support Richard Branson’s Ukraine dialogue initiative Participate in Democracy: Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, could Mexico be next?
"Undoubtedly business has a role to play in conflict resolution. When in the right mode, business can contribute to peace and has much much more to gain from peace than from war. " "Mexico now joins the ranks of other countries with similar controversial election results."
Global Peace Index: The United States Isn't Even Among the World's 100 Most Peaceful Countries Christ, Krishna and Mohamed: What do they have in common?
" For the sixty years after World War II, world peace looked like a real possibility. Only in the past decade has that trend been broken" "A good place to start your own exploration of this important question is the website religious tolerance where the tenets of 47 North American religious groups are described."
Hiroshima peace declaration on 69th anniversary of atomic bombing To desire freedom is an instinct
" the importance of young people making friends around the world, and unceasing efforts to build, not a culture of war, but a culture of peace." "one of my literary projects that are committed to building understanding, tolerance, and Peace initiative in Nigeria"
Gaza: a cycle of violence that can be broken The Nobel Peace Prize to Mohamed Yunus and the people of Bangladesh
"Writing in Foreign Policy, Jimmy Carter and Mary Robinson argue that to help bring Israelis and Palestinians closer to peace, world leaders must recognise Hamas and pressure both sides to respect international law" "In his Nobel Prize speech, Yunus offered a new dream for today's youth, inviting them to become a new kind of entrepreneur that 'can change the character of capitalism radically.'"
Call for papers about International Day of Peace at Global Education Magazine Reflection on the Life of Wangari Maathai
"Read the publication rules and share your ideas and experiences with all the world! " "Her Nobel prize speech conveys her pride in African women’s resilience; her emphasis on justice, integrity and trust; the contribution of tree-planting to promoting a culture of peace; the need to preserve both local biodiversity and cultural diversity."
Systemic pesticides pose global threat to biodiversity and ecosystem services The Day of the Girl Has Come
" the Task Force on Systemic Pesticides – a group of global, independent scientists - has found that there is clear evidence of harm sufficient to trigger regulatory action" "a MUST SEE video that embodies what has happened to the young 14 year old girl “Malala” in Pakistan "
Amnesty International on the Israel/Gaza conflict: Questions and Answers A New Century of Colonial War?
"Israeli forces have carried out attacks that have killed hundreds of civilians . . . Israel appears to consider the homes of people associated with Hamas to be legitimate military targets, a stance that does not conform to international humanitarian law." "Writing in Trud, Alexandre Tsipko said "we have entered into a century of war for a new colonial order." And writing in Novaya Gazeta, Boris Kagarlitski describes the Homeland Security Act as the American KGB"
Amnestía Internacional: Conflicto Israel/Gaza - Preguntas y respuestas The ICC, the Other Option
"Las fuerzas israelíes han efectuado ataques que han matado a centenares de civiles . . . Israel parece considerar objetivos militares legítimos las casas de las personas relacionadas con Hamás, postura que no se ajusta al derecho internacional humanitario. " "The court will ensure that no ruler, no State, no junta and no army anywhere can abuse human rights with impunity."
Amnesty International: Conflit Israël/Gaza - Questions et réponses Shukran, Mister President, Thank you!
"Les forces israéliennes ont mené des attaques qui ont tué des centaines de civils . . . Israël semble considérer que les logements de personnes liées au Hamas constituent des cibles militaires légitimes, un point de vue non conforme au droit international humanitaire." "What are the real threats to the Arab revolutions? Danger, or progress? In developing a democratic system can we convert and integrate those who are ' undemocratic''? "
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon appoints Mary Robinson as special climate envoy Worldwide Video Gaming for Clean Water
"Robinson called for the formation of a major social movement to push for action on climate change in the run-up to Ban's summit and the Paris conference." "it engages you in critical environmental problems now faced by hundreds of millions worldwide."