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Young People’s Retreat for Social Change - Building a Culture of Peace
an article by Nina Meyerhof

This is a first in a series of trainings for young people around the world. Young people know now is the time. These workshops are to be offered around the world --Pakistan, Switzerland and Japan..... to build a lasting youth network focused on spirituality and building a Culture of Peace.

Our three day long workshop is dedicated to young people as our future. It is designed for youth to explore and to express and to understand their true spiritual nature and walk as a “spiritual person having a human experience”. Youth will become more active in their personal knowing of their internal destiny for living a life of meaning.

This workshop is prepared to help each young person to have a better sense of the work before them. As Spiritual Elders and facilitators of this calling of the young to come to the forefront of the spiritual revolution occurring now, we are able to help each young person begin to map out their role in this expansive new movement. Youth will understand, experience and self-realize the meanings of spirituality as related to their own personal evolutionary cycle. This is a training in deep meditation, ceremony, prayer and discussion of spirituality.

This spiritual revolution, recognizing the evolution of consciousness, is creating a sense that there is a movement occurring around the world though it is hardly defined. Now youth are invited to recognize their potential role in this quiet revolution and learn to link with others who are of like minds and heart as well as become part of the growing alliances that are calling for transformation recognizing spirituality as response for a better more positive common global future

Throughout the day youth will experience, through sequenced activities, the value of unity and a sense of personal connectivity to others as a microcosm of the macrocosm. As they learn to unite with one another, and see the self as the other, they then learn to unite with the world. From this emerge the inner words needed to develop a process for the self to find the space to recognize the self as a critical member of the greater world conditions.

Our rituals come from the Native American tradition, the Buddhist tradition, the Hindu tradition, the Jewish tradition and more. Our purpose is to help facilitate a better kinder more gracious world of ethical living in which humans care for each other. Spirituality becomes defined as living ethics for inner and outer peace.

From this projects will develop that will help each participant to know that they are able to carry forth a productive means for establishing a difference towards peace in the world.

Training objectives and expected impact may be found in the discussion for this report.

For more information write to or go to the website This promotes the peace keys of respect reject share listen preserve rediscover


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Learning opportunities to foster global community, What are the important components in their design?

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Latest reader comment:

Here are the Training Objectives and Expected Impact of the training described in the report, Young People's Retreat for Social Change.

Training Objectives

* To build understanding and trust among youth of diverse religions, spiritual expressions
and indigenous traditions;

* We work to bridge an active connection between youth participants and their communities and
to encourage youth participants to engage in meaningful service in their community.

* Strive to inspire and connect new generations of conscious, committed young leaders and to
provide them training and leadership opportunities to create a space for Peace.

*        We encourage young people to explore and rediscover their cultural traditions and to deepen
roots in their community and tradition.

Expected Impact of Training

1. To prepare enable the youth from all faiths in regard to create a peaceful atmosphere within
their communities.

2. To sensitize people about human values and dignity of man irrespective of religions/faiths and

3. To empower and skilled the participants to play their role as peace and interfaith harmony actors
for the restoration of human life/dignity.

4. The practical support to direct beneficiaries and trainee would boost up the confidence and self
respect among their respective communities.

5. Ultimately the individual will have a sense of their own personal potential to be an active peace
builder and strive for living an ethical life within diverse situations.

6. To develop on the ground local relevant humanitarian projects that further peace.

7. To link to a global network of like minded and like hearted youth who are standing aligned with
these values.

This report was posted on April 11, 2007.