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Celebrating Earth Day : "What you do makes a difference"
an article by Pilar Rocio

The celebration of Earth Day started on 22 April 1970 when U.S. activist Senator Gaylord Nelson suggested it as a way to promote the conservation and care of the Earth. Later in 2009 the UN, acting on a proposal made by the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, officially changed its name to "International Mother Earth Day", where we remember everywhere in the world that all living beings are inter-dependent and part of one living being.

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Today we see a great deal of information circulating about environmental stewardship, sustainability, environmental awareness and dissemination of related topics, but it is clear that what we have done so far is only a fraction of what we need to do in order to take care of the planet we inhabit ... so the proposal should be that every day is Mother Earth Day!

This year April 22 was celebrated in very different ways in different parts of the globe, but it was so intense that it felt as if we had all agreed together previously. In Buenos Aires, Argentina, it was called Green Day, and all the people went to the parks with ecological transport, skating and walking to celebrate with free outdoor concerts and messages of protecting the planet. In Eagle Pass, Mexico, the Department of Parks and Recreation called on citizens to go to the parks of the city to plant trees. In New York (USA) at Grand Central Station there was an environmental fair with food stalls, exhibitions and music with information and education on each activity. In Cochabamba, Bolivia, the Mayor convened a costume contest with recycled material in a day of concerts and reflection on the protection of "Pachamama." Thus, the celebration took place around the world.

The campaign slogan proposed by the United Nations for the present year 2014 was "Green Cities", for which cities and communities around the world were helped in their transition to a more sustainable life for the future. This included investments in new technologies and progressive public policy in which more than a billion people and 190 countries have participated, reporting, clearing spaces, planting trees and plants, exposing and making structural political demands, using environmentally friendly modes of transport such as bicycles and skates, with the understanding that "there is nothing more powerful than joint action".

Now, more than ever, we can say there is no turning back, that being aware of everything that can be done to safeguard our common home, we have the duty and the right to celebrate with joy every day with our responsible actions however small they may be ... because Mother Earth is unique and for everyone!

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Nature is fascinating! Children are walking, or crawling, sponges--starting from scratch--and that's the right time to input the right stuff.
So talk about birds. They are always visible and audible. They call each other, listen to what they are saying. Cheerilee, dee dee, caw caw, and which beautiful songs come from which birds. They are perfect pilots, they swoop and dive and do barrel rolls and never have an accident (unless we do something stupid). Crows marry for as long as they live.
Youngsters' interest is easily piqued but parents have the responsibility to do it (so they might bone up on nature). . ...more.

This report was posted on April 26, 2014.