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US Strategy for Ridding Syria of Chemical Arms
an article by August Conner

A series of steps are being planned out by the United States and their partners in order to disarm Syria’s chemical weapons program, which in turn negates the backsliding by President Bashar al-Assad and ultimately shorten the time required to work in the country. This plan will be in effect as of early November, where the equipment is to be destroyed responsible for the producing of chemicals, filling warheads, bombs and poison gas. This can be easily accomplished with simple artifacts such as sledge hammers and bulldozers.

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Associated Press reported that this was to take place today, Sunday the 6th of October. A step towards neutralizing Syria’s chemicals has been suggested, called Field Deployment Hydrolysis. Field Deployment Hydrolysis is designed to transform chemicals into compounds which cannot be used for military purposes by mixing them with water and heating them. The Pentagon states the operation can be carried out within ten days of shipping.

A senior State Department Official said that this operation would show “early demonstration” and that “It will reduce the possibility that the Syrian regime can change its mind.” “It will greatly reduce the size and duration of the international footprint in Syria.”

The outlined version of the plan for destroying Syria’s chemical weapons programs has been between American and Russian officials has been refined with experts at the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The plan has been endorsed by the United Nations Security Council, but its goal is still uncertain. Syrian government is trying to consolidate their chemical arsenal at sites under its control. Due to the bulk form of chemicals will allow the disarmament effort to proceed.

International inspectors have had generally good cooperation with the Assad government, however the disarmament effort is depending severely of the Syrian military and on Russia’s willingness to use leverage with the authorities. American officials say, an early test of Assad government’s willingness to cooperate will show when the government releases a more formal document this month.


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This report was posted on October 06,2013.