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Regional Seminar on Culture of Peace brings together educators from 14 cities in Arapiraca, Brazil
an article by Aqui Acontece, Brasil, from the Alagoas Agency

Arapiraca receives this Thursday (May 2) the first of eight seminars for education for peace and non- violence to be employed in municipal and state schools across the state of Alagoas. Called Sercapaz - Regional Seminar on Culture of Peace - and promoted by the State Secretariat for the Promotion of Peace (Sepaz), this first seminar takes place in the Planetarium of Lake Perucaba from 8h to 17h, bringing together the 14 municipalities that make up the Arapiraca region.

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The event is designed for teachers, coordinators, principals and members of school councils of the cities of Arapiraca, Craíbas, Coité do Nóia, Belém, Tanque D’Arca, Girau do Ponciano, Feira Grande, Limoeiro de Anadia, Campo Alegre, Teotônio Vilela, Junqueiro, Lagoa da Canoa, Campo Grande and Mar Vermelho

They comprise the region of Arapiraca, one of eight regions in the state has been divided for the organization and construction of regional seminars, one on each region, in order to legitimize and expand education initiatives for peace, respecting the characteristics of each site .

"The purpose of the workshops is to bring together the main protagonists of the educational process - educators, coordinators, school councils - to build a pedagogical collective of educating for peace. The ideas will be presented and developed together with the educators. The seminar is thus two-way "said Secretary of State for the Promotion of Peace, Jardel Aderico.

Consisting of lectures and workshops on education for peace and non-violence and conflict mediation, the seminar will have the participation of Professor Nei Alberto Salles Filho, who runs the Center for Studies and Teacher Education for Peace, State University of Ponta Grossa, Parana.

The goal of the eight regional seminars to be held in Alagoas is to legitimize and expand education initiatives for peace for the 102 municipalities of the state of Alagoas through the partnership between Sepaz and the municipalities, with activities in 29 municipalities, with a specific program (Education for Peace in Schools), aimed at elementary school students.

"The Education for Peace program which is currently being developed as a project, is one of the tools of education for peace, but it is not the only one. We are working on a proposal involving other alternatives and ways of working, involving and including all school professionals. The idea is that each of these seminars should be a contribution to a more effective proposal that can be replicated in all 102 counties, "says the secretary Jardel Aderico.

One of the inspirations for the proposal came from the evaluations of Development Index of Basic Education (Ideb). The two schools with the highest Ideb in the country, Bahia and the Federal District, contain a dynamic involvement of the students so that they feel encouraged in the school environment. Over time, we observed an improvement in student behavior, interest in classes and more respect for the school environment.

(Click here for a Portuguese version of this article)


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Latest reader comment:

Your report about the Conference on Peace education illustrates how individuals, especially students, can make a significant difference in the culture of peace. I'm fascinated by the work done by a few Canadian students concerning the use of computers as a means of promoting a culture of peace. Is their website online?

This may be of particular value here because of Maine's Learning Technology Initiative, a state program designed to make available laptops to all 7th and 8th grade public school students by the end of this school year. What a boon it would be if they were all aware of CPNN!

This report was posted on May 6, 2013.