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News from the House of Erasmus

un article par Rein Heijne

As the House of Erasmus, we continue to organize projects to promote a culture of peace and non-violence. Here is a brief summary of status and progress of our projects. More information is available in the Dutch language on our website combined with the publication of a Newsletter.

In November 2007 the festival "Bridges of Erasmus" addressed the promotion of peace-education. The highlight was the presentation of the exercisebook "Erasmus in the class-room". The first specimen of this was handed over to the Junior Mayor of the City of Rotterdam. At this moment the first edition of 1000 copies is fully distributed to schools and teachers. Because of this success we are trying to edit shortly a second edition.

In June 2008 we started to invite people to write a letter to Erasmus in which they can give their opinion and views about the thoughts of Erasmus and the relation with the present day situation. Up to now we've received enthusiastic reactions and ten letters which will be publicised on our website.

Now we are very busy with the preparations of a festival "Seeds of Change" on the 21th of September - the International Peace Day. Parts of the programme are: 1) a panel-discussion about the four principles of the Earth Charter, e.g. the promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence. 2)various appearances of musicians, poets, and the like. 3) the highlight will be the presentation of "The Peace Kit" to the mayor of Rotterdam and several key persons, like teachers, politicians, businessmen. We've developed this peace-kit in connection with the "Mayors for Peace"-project and it contains twenty creative ideas to set up various projects. 4) the festival will be concluded with a multicultural get-together.

Finally, on 28th of October (the commemoration of Erasmus' birthday) we'll contribute to a symposium about the thoughts of Erasmus in comparison with the thinking of the present-day Turkish philosopher Fethullah Gülen.


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How are you celebrating Peace Day?,

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Commentaire le plus récent:

Participants in the International Day of Prayer for Peace have received the following letter from the World Council of Churches:

The International Day of Prayer for Peace (IDPP) 2007 was a special day around the world. On the 21 alone, people from about 50 countries visited our web page to find information and probably prayers. You have contributed to this day by observing it in your community and we want to thank you for your efforts and commitment. Thank you to all of you who have gone through the trouble of letting us know what you and your church or community is doing! This is greatly appreciated and will encourage others next year.

There is evidence that an increasing number of people, communities, churches and networks around the world are observing the International Day of Peace (UN) and the International Day of Prayer for Peace (WCC) As the people who believe that peace is possible get together and pray, as they work for peace and justice, the momentum grows so that leaders and political powers begin to pay attention. Always remember that it was the perseverance of people, not least in churches, who brought apartheid to end and the Berlin wall to tumble.

A sign, discovered last week by the Living Letters team to the US reads: When the people lead the leaders will follow. This is what the International Day of Peace is about. A growing number of people, increasing the momentum for more peace and less violence. Your prayers are a powerful testimony and they strengthen the work you and other do in peacemaking. . ... continuation.

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