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Green Party Runs Peace Candidate in the Connecticut Third District
un article par Robin

If you live in CT's Third Congressional District, you will have a chance to vote this fall for a candidate making peace and non-violence his major campaign issue. Based on his experience as executive director of Community Mediation, Inc. since 1989, a service dedicated to the non-violent resolution of community conflicts, Charles Pillsbury has been endorsed by the New Haven County Chapter of the Green Party to challenge Democrat Rosa DeLauro, a six term incumbent. He says, "This is why I am running for Congress as a Green: to stop this warring madness, to cut the insane 'Republicrat' levels of military spending, and to advocate the use of law enforcement and intelligence, instead of aerial bombardments and military invasions, to bring the Al-Qaeda and other terrorists to justice."

About 75 people attended the Green Party's nominating meeting in February, including many peace activists. In the discussion Charlie raised many issues that will be at the heart of his campaign: opposition to militarism, alternatives to Plan Colombia, single-payer health care, protection of the environment, marriage rights for gay and lesbians, campaign finance reform. "I will run on the issues; I am committed to peace," said Charlie.

By challenging incumbent DeLauro and raising the issues of war and peace for public debate, Charlie also hopes his campaign will grow and strengthen the Green Party in CT. Since Ralph Nadar's presidential campaign in 2000, the Green Party has been active seeking local offices. Last fall Green Party candidates won two seats on New Haven's Aldermanic Board. A Green, Elizabeth Horton Sheff, is now the chair of Hartford's City Council.

The Pillsbury candidacy is one of a growing number of similar political campaigns across the country.


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Are they empowerment or spoilers?, The role of third-party candidates

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Commentaire le plus récent:

As long as we cling to the two-party system and winner-take-all voting, I believe we will continue to have an immature democracy.

For alternatives to winner-take-all, see and the Instant Runoff site. We won't get these reforms just by asking for them, however. It will take a mass democratic movement.

The Green Party may take a long time to reach the top levels of power in the U.S., but I am sure it will get there. Unlike other third-party efforts, the Greens are already an unstoppable global movement. Knock 'em out in the U.S. and they'll just keep plugging away in Canada and Mexico until the U.S. is ready to try again. Wisely, the Greens build from the local level upward, and the movement is decentralized. . ... continuation.

Cet article a été mis en ligne le May 2, 2002.