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The Day of the Girl Has Come
an article by Joanne Tawfilis

Video: Iqra - Read

The video listed above is a MUST SEE video that embodies what has happened to the young 14 year old girl “Malala” in Pakistan and was produced in 2009 by Fauzia Minallah, Art Miles Mural Project Coordinator in Pakistan who also recently released a video “Scarves of Peace” that says it all. PLEASE post and distribution to all of your networks! The Day of the Girl has come and we must do all we can to garner world support for education of girls throughout the world. I appeal to all who believe in the Culture of Peace and the Peace Keys that this is an issue that needs positive attention and change more than ever. I also urge you to pray from whatever religious belief you have, for Malala's recovery to continue her fight for education of girls not only in Pakistan but anywhere that girls have been suffering, held back and even killed fighting for this basic human right!

click on photo to enlarge

For years the “talk about girls and women’s rights” have been proliferated and addressed in many conferences, articles, books, and films around the world; yet the rights of women continue to decline, not progress and in many areas, including the United States, there is a political threat to reverse what positive legislation has made to push the issue forward!

Despite Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhurys #1325 Resolution and his and others tireless efforts to support forward movement, the resistance to do so continues to be plagued by such acts of violence as witnessed in the shooting of Malala and the other girls injured in this heinous crime. I know that there are many outpourings of protest against the Taliban who claims to be responsible and global voices that support and pray for her and her friends, but this kind of action has to stop. Pakistan continues to live under great suppression of women’s rights and it will only change when the world together, agrees that women have equal rights and ensuring an equal place for women and men in building society.

Here are some responses from the Art Miles Team:

United States: Thank You for starting this campaign to raise awareness and support for Malala. We are praying for her in the U.S. This video is very powerful and we will sure use it to spread the world.

Switzerland: Yes we are all praying for her life. Malala's light of Love and courage will prevail and the darkness of fanatics will disappear soon.

Japan: YES. This is certainly a MUST SEE video. Thank you for this video, Fauzia. We Japan Art Mile are praying for Malala and other girls and many children on this planet who want EDUCATION.


Question(s) related to this article:

Protecting women and girls against violence, Is progress being made?

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Latest reader comment:

The 47 CPNN articles devoted to this theme suggest that indeed progress is being made.

This report was posted on October 16, 2012.