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Human Rights and Peace Resolution Conference in Africa
an article by Christelle, WAALM Academy

The “International Human Rights and Peace Resolution Conference” was held on Friday 13-Saturday 14 April 2012, at the Concord Hotel Owerri, Imo State – Nigeria.

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During the last sixty years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations in 1948, the International Community has made some important advances in the fight against human rights violations, yet the dream of a world free from violations of human rights and peace for all remains a mirage!

As technology bring the peoples of the world closer to each other and political barriers tumble, Kidnapping, Religious, Communal and Ethnic violence and other violations of human rights and peace continue to ravage our societies; horrors such as “Bombing” have emerged in recent times, while ideas like “Militancy”, “Religious Cum Ethnic Superiority/Violence” have spread to a new dimension.

All these social vices have put our peace in danger and have grown in complexity, becoming more and more a challenge to Democracy, Peace, Economic Development, and the Structural Development of our dear country.

The “International Human Rights and Peace Resolution Conference” as a tool to deal with the menace, has the potential to be among the most significant gatherings at this point to bring peace and restore human dignity in Nigeria.

Professionals, Labour Organizations, Unions, Attorneys, Civil and Public Servants, Students, Clerics, and all well meaning Nigerians and friends of Nigeria were invited to participate in this conference. Among other speaker, Prof. Dr. Mosi Dorbayani, President of WAALM and member of the Academic Council on the United Nations system - ACUNS addressed the conference with practical steps toward Peace Resolution. The conference successfully ended by signing a Human Rights and Peace Resolution Memorandum and the champions of the Human Rights in Nigeria were honored for their contributions. The conference was organised by Bishop Dr. Ogbu of Impact Africa Network.


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This report was posted on June 6, 2012.